Gift Ideas For Hoops, Gambling Fans: Five Days In Las Vegas For March Madness

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Gift Ideas For Sports Fans: Five Days In Las Vegas For March Madness

With the holidays just around the corner (yep, already), we thought you could use some help with gift ideas for the sporting fan in your life. Check out our full guide with all our gift ideas for sports fans.

PRODUCT: Vegas for the sports gambling holiday of the year. Pretty simple, really.

WHAT IT IS: There's never a bad time to visit Las Vegas, but there are certain times when the energy in the place hits another level. I experienced this firsthand watching last year's Super Bowl from the Mandalay Bay Sportsbook, but the whole time I was thinking about March Madness. Because as great as the atmosphere was for ONE game, imagine the scene over the first four days of the NCAA Tournament. Or, to be exact: 48 games, all with huge gambling implications, a guaranteed number of insane finishes, and a crowd full of people with their own rooting interest in everything. Doesn't that sound like the greatest thing ever?

WHY IT'S A GREAT GIFT: Pretty sure the above paragraph should be self-explanatory on this front, but in case you need convincing... It's more creative than your typical gift to a sports fan, and it's something that a guy can do with friends. And what sports fan doesn't want an excuse to run off to Vegas for a few days to drown in a sea of gambling, big screen TVs, and basketball? Writing about this is putting me in a bad mood; I want to be in Vegas for March Madness. RIGHT NOW.

PRICE: Ah, yes. That's the catch. It's a lot more expensive than, say, a jersey. But if you're mature enough to be looking through a gift guide, chances are you have enough disposable income to drop $750 on a package that includes flights and hotels for a weekend. It's expensive, but it's also less than a home theater, a high end grill, and any number of other crazy gifts that sports fans may be dreaming of. And a weekend in Vegas might just be better than any of 'em.

WHERE TO GET IT: Any hotel in Vegas will have a deal for this if you can far enough in advance, but you can go here to book reservations at the Mandalay Bay, if you'd rather not shop around.

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