Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic 2011: TV Schedule, Tee Times, Parings For Friday

The Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic is a logjam as it stands now, and Friday offers a chance for the field to separate. As it stands now, seven players are tied atop the leaderboard, with groups bunched together within three strokes of the lead after one round.

On Friday,the field gets back at it in the last event of the year. Coverage can be found on the Golf Channel from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. EDT.

Here are your Friday tee times. These groups will begin on No. 1.

Time Players
7:50 am Gainey, Tommy Aguirre, Fernando* Couch, Chris Richter, Jim*
8:00 am Thatcher, Roland Hurtubise, Laurent* Haas, Hunter Ballbach, John*
8:10 am Paulson, Carl Vargo, Joe* Petrovic, Tim Upton, BJ*
8:20 am Piercy, Scott Damon, Johnny* Turnesa, Marc Griffiths, Ron*
8:30 am McNeill, George Harney, Sean* Levin, Spencer McMahon, Mike*
8:40 am Points, D.A. Champagne, Michel* Taylor, Vaughn Crooks, Michael*
8:50 am Kang, Sunghoon Weir, Kurt* Kim, Bio Lohman, Rick*
9:00 am Hearn, David Mourning, Alonzo* Martin, Ben Brown, Ashtyn*
11:50 am Driscoll, James Murphy, Dennis* Gates, Bobby Heinicka, Jeff*
12:00 pm Tringale, Cameron Brown, Michael* Ridings, Tag Mundell, Tom*
12:10 pm Immelman, Trevor McMackin, Cindy* Lunde, Bill Howe, Dan*
12:20 pm Donald, Luke Bona, Bill* Simpson, Webb Cohen, James*
12:30 pm Rose, Justin Hardwick, Nat* Woodland, Gary Otis, William*
12:40 pm Goosen, Retief Baker, Neil* Estes, Bob Ford, Tim*
12:50 pm Renner, Jim Sams, Randy* Strickler, Will Koerner, Jeff*
1:00 pm Lyle, Jarrod Allen, Ray* McGirt, William Gallagher, Kevin*

These groups will begin on No. 10.

Time Players
7:50 am Goydos, Paul McMackin, Jack* Merritt, Troy Jenkins, Robert*
8:00 am Henry, J.J. Allan, Jr., Donald* Thompson, Michael Granger, Mike*
8:10 am Flesch, Steve DeHart, Cary* Connell, Michael Shearer, David*
8:20 am Kelly, Jerry Lewis, Lester* Slocum, Heath Menosky, Steve*
8:30 am Stankowski, Paul Wood, Ken* Senden, John Cavenaugh, Richard*
8:40 am McCarron, Scott Rose, Jerry* Elkington, Steve Sears, Steve*
8:50 am Summerhays, Daniel Simmons, William* Gonzales, Andres Giuseppe, Brendan*
9:00 am Brigman, D.J. Wilson, Jr, Spence* Small, Mike Field, Sr, Ken*
11:50 am Maggert, Jeff Collis, David* Micheel, Shaun Hewell, Buddy*
12:00 pm Curtis, Ben Wratchford, Timothy* Gutschewski, Scott Morrow, Brett*
12:10 pm Mayfair, Billy Dorety, Tom* Pernice, Jr., Tom Findlay, Alan*
12:20 pm Atwal, Arjun Gallagher, Michael* Green, Nathan LaRosa, A.J.*
12:30 pm Howell III, Charles Riley, Robert* Merrick, John Raper, Bryant*
12:40 pm Price, Aron Young, Steve* Stallings, Scott Austin, Danny*
12:50 pm Miller, Zack Szabo, Stephen* Perry, Rod Ropski, John*
1:00 pm Herman, Jim Price, David* Hicks, Justin Rivers, Doc

For more on the tournament, be sure to check out the full leaderboard or head over to SB Nation's Waggle Room.

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