Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic 2011: TV Schedule, Tee Times, Parings For Sunday

After the second round of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic, there was a three-way tie in first place between Justin Leonard, Henrik Stenson and Bio Kim, but after the third round, only Leonard managed to stay ahead of the pack.

Leonard managed to stay atop the leaderboard, along with tour rookie Kevin Chappell, by chipping in an astonishing three times in five holes, at 14-under, but the pack is close behind. Kim is just a shot back, and Stenson and Nick O'Hern just two back of the co-leaders.

Still, Leonard is one of the better players on tour and knows how to play on Sunday. He's got 12 career wins, including the '97 British Open, but he hasn't won a tournament since the Stanford St. Jude Championship in June of 2008, so it's been a while. It's shaping up to be an exciting finish in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., and we'll keep you posted with the results.

You'll be able to watch the final round on the Golf Channel from 2-5 p.m. or listen in on Sirius XM from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tee Times:

Front Nine

9:55 am Baird, Briny Lehman, Tom Levin, Spencer
10:05 am Blanks, Kris Driscoll, James Imada, Ryuji
10:15 am Senden, John Green, Nathan Merritt, Troy
10:25 am Allen, Michael Bettencourt, Matt Palmer, Ryan
10:35 am Lamely, Derek Woodland, Gary Jobe, Brandt
10:45 am Hearn, David Rocha, Alexandre Paulson, Carl
10:55 am Stallings, Scott Rollins, John DiMarco, Chris
11:05 am Bradley, Michael Strickler, Will Chalmers, Greg
11:15 am Simpson, Webb Gutschewski, Scott Donald, Luke
11:25 am Bowditch, Steven Immelman, Trevor Gomez, Fabian
11:35 am Kisner, Kevin Pernice, Jr., Tom Kang, Sunghoon
11:45 am O'Hern, Nick Stenson, Henrik Mayfair, Billy
11:55 am Chappell, Kevin Leonard, Justin Kim, Bio


Back Nine

9:55 am Austin, Woody Herron, Tim Wi, Charlie
10:05 am Bohn, Jason Jones, Kent Turnesa, Marc
10:15 am Slocum, Heath Gonzales, Andres Martin, Ben
10:25 am Durant, Joe Atwal, Arjun Gates, Bobby
10:35 am Lyle, Jarrod McGirt, William Tringale, Cameron
10:45 am Calcavecchia, Mark Overton, Jeff Kelly, Jerry
10:55 am Mathis, David Maggert, Jeff Hayes, J.P.
11:05 am Trahan, D.J. Willis, Garrett Estes, Bob
11:15 am Renner, Jim Quinn, Fran Goydos, Paul
11:25 am Stadler, Kevin McNeill, George Beem, Rich
11:35 am Stankowski, Paul Gay, Brian Herman, Jim
11:45 am Adams, Blake Goosen, Retief Piercy, Scott

For more updates on the tournament, keep it here with this storystream.

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