The Heritage 2011: Leaderboard, Tee Times And Schedule For Friday's Second Round

The first day of the The Heritage is in the book and the leaderboard is a who's who of who. None of the familiar faces on the PGA Tour dot the top of the leaderboard, with Garrett Willis leading the field heading into Friday's second round at 7-under. Chad Campbell, Tim Herron and two others are one shot behind at 6-under in a field that's tightly bunched near the top of the leaderboard.

Camilo Villegas sits two shots back, at 5-under, in a tie for sixth-place with three others. Luke Donald is at 4-under, with Jim Furyk, Graeme McDowell, Matt Kuchar and others at 3-under. John Daly also managed to shoot under-par in the first round and sits at 1-under, six shots off the pace. The full leaderboard can be found at the PGA Tour website.

Golfers hit the course bright and early on Friday with tee times beginning at 7:20 a.m. local time. The Golf Channel picks up its coverage of the tournament at 3 p.m. Eastern, running until 6 p.m. Eastern.

Here are the groups heading off the first tee. With John Daly and Kevin Na, of 16 on a par four fame, leading the group out, it's sure to be an exciting day.

7:20 am Daly, John Parnevik, Jesper Na, Kevin
7:30 am Campbell, Chad Kirk, Chris Hanson, Peter
7:40 am Johnson, Richard S. O'Hern, Nick Molder, Bryce
7:50 am Herron, Tim Mayfair, Billy Leishman, Marc
8:00 am Atwal, Arjun Green, Nathan Verplank, Scott
8:10 am Mediate, Rocco Beckman, Cameron Turnesa, Marc
8:20 am Wagner, Johnson Bettencourt, Matt Van Pelt, Bo
8:30 am Garrigus, Robert Gay, Brian Molinari, Francesco
8:40 am Elkington, Steve Stadler, Kevin Barnes, Ricky
8:50 am Weekley, Boo Willis, Garrett Stallings, Scott
9:00 am Miller, Zack Gomez, Fabian Peck, Jeff
12:00 pm Hayes, J.P. Cejka, Alex Sim, Michael
12:10 pm Durant, Joe Wilson, Dean Maggert, Jeff
12:20 pm Riley, Chris Jacobson, Fredrik Warren, Charles
12:30 pm Micheel, Shaun Fowler, Rickie Driscoll, James
12:40 pm Ames, Stephen Weir, Mike Funk, Fred
12:50 pm Slocum, Heath Immelman, Trevor Trahan, D.J.
1:00 pm Steele, Brendan Cink, Stewart Love III, Davis
1:10 pm Furyk, Jim Kuchar, Matt Day, Jason
1:20 pm Petrovic, Tim DiMarco, Chris Klauk, Jeff
1:30 pm Martin, Ben Stanley, Kyle Anderson, Mark
1:40 pm Kisner, Kevin Summerhays, Daniel Hicks, Justin

And these are the groups heading off the No. 10 tee.

7:20 am Faxon, Brad Marino, Steve Teater, Josh
7:30 am Goydos, Paul Streelman, Kevin Gainey, Tommy
7:40 am Davis, Brian Ridings, Tag Simpson, Webb
7:50 am Day, Glen Dufner, Jason Stroud, Chris
8:00 am Appleby, Stuart Bohn, Jason Stenson, Henrik
8:10 am Lunde, Bill Pettersson, Carl Perez, Pat
8:20 am Donald, Luke Baddeley, Aaron Wilson, Mark
8:30 am McDowell, Graeme Els, Ernie Poulter, Ian
8:40 am Jones, Kent Levin, Spencer Blanks, Kris
8:50 am Gates, Bobby McGirt, William Hearn, David
9:00 am Lyle, Jarrod Putnam, Michael Tringale, Cameron
12:00 pm Howell III, Charles Chalmers, Greg Adams, Blake
12:10 pm de Jonge, Brendon Wi, Charlie Merritt, Troy
12:20 pm Imada, Ryuji Couch, Chris Collins, Chad
12:30 pm MacKenzie, Will Flesch, Steve Curtis, Ben
12:40 pm Bradley, Michael Lamely, Derek O'Hair, Sean
12:50 pm Glover, Lucas Leonard, Justin Snedeker, Brandt
1:00 pm Byrd, Jonathan Villegas, Camilo Crane, Ben
1:10 pm Haas, Bill Johnson, Zach Kelly, Jerry
1:20 pm Janzen, Lee Thatcher, Roland Bradley, Keegan
1:30 pm Haas, Hunter Kim, Bio Saunders, Sam
1:40 pm Bowditch, Steven Thompson, Michael Epperson, Chris

For more on the tournament and all things golf, head over to SB Nation's Waggle Room.

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