Shell Houston Open 2012: TV Schedule, Tee Times, Pairings For Thursday

The Shell Houston Open tees off on Thursday from Redstone Golf Club in Humble, Texas. There's always a mixed approach to the tournament before Masters week, with some players enjoying the routine and opting to play while others take an extra week of rest and practice.

Phil Mickelson has traditionally played in the tournament the week before Augusta, and has had ton of success whether it was the old BellSouth Classic in Atlanta or the more recent Shell Houston Open. He enters this week as the defending champion and will be paired with defending Masters champion, Charl Schwartzel. Rounding out Phil's group will be fan favorite Fred Couples. The Shell was the last tour win for Freddie, when the former Houston Cougar broke down in tears upon winning in 2003 after coming back from persistent back problems. Their pairing tees off at 12:40 on Thursday.

Golf Channel will broadcast all the action on Thursday 3:00 to 6:00 pm ET while SiriusXM will have the radio broadcast on their PGA Tour station from noon to 6:00 pm ET. Complete pairings and tee times below:

First wave going off No.1 tee:

Time Players
7:20 am DiMarco, Chris Teater, Josh Cauley, Bud
7:30 am Moore, Ryan Perez, Pat Uresti, Omar
7:40 am Maggert, Jeff Mathis, David Bjorn, Thomas
7:50 am Crane, Ben Piercy, Scott Yang, Y.E.
8:00 am O'Hair, Sean Points, D.A. Pettersson, Carl
8:10 am Bradley, Michael Palmer, Ryan Leonard, Justin
8:20 am Vegas, Jhonattan Beckman, Cameron Cabrera, Angel
8:30 am O'Hern, Nick Driscoll, James Levin, Spencer
8:40 am Green, Nathan Romero, Andres Barnes, Ricky
8:50 am Dawson, Marco Thompson, Michael Kang, Sunghoon
9:00 am Todd, Brendon Wheatcroft, Steve Claxton, Will
9:10 am Harman, Brian Carballo, Miguel Angel Herman, Jim

First wave going off No. 10 tee:

Time Players
7:20 am Campbell, Chad Mallinger, John Ridings, Tag
7:30 am Micheel, Shaun Thatcher, Roland Hansen, Anders
7:40 am Estes, Bob Merrick, John Stroud, Chris
7:50 am Bradley, Keegan McDowell, Graeme Westwood, Lee
8:00 am Mahan, Hunter Wagner, Johnson Stricker, Steve
8:10 am Steele, Brendan Lamely, Derek Verplank, Scott
8:20 am Appleby, Stuart Bettencourt, Matt Cink, Stewart
8:30 am Taylor, Vaughn Fowler, Rickie Leishman, Marc
8:40 am Casey, Paul Weekley, Boo DeLaet, Graham
8:50 am Mayfair, Billy Streelman, Kevin Every, Matt
9:00 am Lovemark, Jamie Noh, Seung-Yul Lee, Danny
9:10 am Kokrak, Jason Kelly, Troy Curl, Jeff

Second wave going off No. 1 tee:

Time Players
12:10 pm Herron, Tim Couch, Chris Stadler, Kevin
12:20 pm Matteson, Troy Davis, Brian Gainey, Tommy
12:30 pm Ogilvie, Joe Jobe, Brandt Owen, Greg
12:40 pm Mickelson, Phil Schwartzel, Charl Couples, Fred
12:50 pm Stanley, Kyle Kim, Anthony Els, Ernie
1:00 pm Glover, Lucas Bohn, Jason Villegas, Camilo
1:10 pm Lunde, Bill Stenson, Henrik Harrington, Padraig
1:20 pm Pampling, Rod Pernice Jr., Tom Coles, Gavin
1:30 pm Henry, J.J. Hearn, David Killeen, J.J.
1:40 pm Reifers, Kyle Compton, Erik Kisner, Kevin
1:50 pm Flores, Martin English, Harris Potter, Jr., Ted
2:00 pm Biershenk, Tommy Lee, Richard H. Alexander, Lonny

Second wave going off No. 10 tee:

Time Players
12:10 pm Imada, Ryuji Adams, Blake de Jonge, Brendon
12:20 pm Trahan, D.J. Walker, Jimmy Tringale, Cameron
12:30 pm Waldorf, Duffy Haas, Hunter Goggin, Mathew
12:40 pm Huh, John Oosthuizen, Louis Allenby, Robert
12:50 pm Molder, Bryce Frazar, Harrison Baddeley, Aaron
1:00 pm Kirk, Chris Clarke, Darren Hoffman, Charley
1:10 pm Slocum, Heath Atwal, Arjun Senden, John
1:20 pm Rollins, John Curtis, Ben Blanks, Kris
1:30 pm Holmes, J.B. Overton, Jeff Hanson, Peter
1:40 pm Gates, Bobby Knost, Colt McGirt, William
1:50 pm Blixt, Jonas Hurley III, Billy Summerhays, Daniel
2:00 pm Castro, Roberto Anderson, Mark Stefani, Shawn

For more news and updates on this tournament, keep checking back with SB Nation's golf blog Waggle Room, and dedicated golf hub.

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