Valero Texas Open 2012: TV Schedule, Tee Times, Pairings For Thursday

The 2012 Valero Texas Open gets under way Thursday and, even though most of golf's biggest names are noticeably absent, it's an important tournament for just about everyone involved. Some of the golfers likely to be on the edge of the FedEx Cup playoffs at the end of the season have a chance to grab valuable points, while players fighting to keep their PGA Tour cards could collect a big paycheck to move up the money list.

Tee times come from, which will also have a live leaderboard updating constantly once the round starts. All times listed are local, which is Central Daylight Time.

1st hole

7:10 am Flesch, Steve Jones, Matt Blanks, Kris
7:20 am Duval, David Stadler, Kevin Uresti, Omar
7:30 am Triplett, Kirk Beem, Rich Merrick, John
7:40 am Jacobson, Fredrik Slocum, Heath Kelly, Jerry
7:50 am Bettencourt, Matt Beckman, Cameron Ames, Stephen
8:00 am Atwal, Arjun Moore, Ryan Holmes, J.B.
8:10 am Gore, Jason Pride, Dicky Haas, Hunter
8:20 am Austin, Woody Wetterich, Brett Kang, Sunghoon
8:30 am Weekley, Boo Lickliter II, Frank O'Hern, Nick
8:40 am Lee, Richard H. Potter, Jr., Ted Castro, Roberto
8:50 am Blixt, Jonas Kelly, Troy Biershenk, Tommy
9:00 am Anderson, Mark Brown, Scott Kraft, Kelly
9:10 am Compton, Erik Hurley III, Billy Spieth, Jordan*

12:10 pm Matteson, Troy Baird, Briny Mathis, David
12:20 pm Campbell, Chad Hensby, Mark Stroud, Chris
12:30 pm Durant, Joe Sheehan, Patrick Adams, Blake
12:40 pm Na, Kevin Steele, Brendan Cauley, Bud
12:50 pm Frazar, Harrison Palmer, Ryan Leonard, Justin
1:00 pm Purdy, Ted Kendall, Skip Barlow, Craig
1:10 pm Curtis, Ben Petrovic, Tim Streelman, Kevin
1:20 pm Green, Nathan DiMarco, Chris Mallinger, John
1:30 pm Damron, Robert Mayfair, Billy Chappell, Kevin
1:40 pm Bowditch, Steven Wheatcroft, Steve Rocha, Alexandre
1:50 pm Killeen, J.J. Beljan, Charlie Langley, Scott
2:00 pm Lee, Danny Kokrak, Jason Alexander, Lonny
2:10 pm McQuillan, Matt Putnam, Michael DeVoll, Casey

10th hole

7:10 am Turnesa, Marc de Jonge, Brendon Thatcher, Roland
7:20 am Taylor, Vaughn Lancaster, Neal Gainey, Tommy
7:30 am Imada, Ryuji Walker, Jimmy Kuehne, Hank
7:40 am Wagner, Johnson Choi, K.J. Kuchar, Matt
7:50 am Hoffman, Charley Appleby, Stuart Kim, Anthony
8:00 am Janzen, Lee Levin, Spencer Dunlap, Scott
8:10 am Riley, Chris Estes, Bob Goggin, Mathew
8:20 am Rollins, John MacKenzie, Will Leishman, Marc
8:30 am Stankowski, Paul Jobe, Brandt Bertsch, Shane
8:40 am Knost, Colt McGirt, William Harman, Brian
8:50 am Every, Matt Christian, Gary Knox, Russell
9:00 am English, Harris Reifers, Kyle Gangluff, Stephen
9:10 am Miller, Zack Loar, Edward Norris, Paul

12:10 pm Waldorf, Duffy Wi, Charlie Teater, Josh
12:20 pm Micheel, Shaun Chalmers, Greg Dawson, Marco
12:30 pm Ogilvie, Joe Herron, Tim DeLaet, Graham
12:40 pm Piercy, Scott Bateman, Brian Lunde, Bill
12:50 pm Huh, John Lamely, Derek Gay, Brian
1:00 pm Barnes, Ricky Tringale, Cameron Hearn, David
1:10 pm Chopra, Daniel Henry, J.J. Gillis, Tom
1:20 pm Gamez, Robert Willis, Garrett Coles, Gavin
1:30 pm Noh, Seung-Yul Kisner, Kevin Mulroy, Garth
1:40 pm Summerhays, Daniel Thompson, Kyle Carballo, Miguel Angel
1:50 pm Gates, Bobby Claxton, Will Osborne, William
2:00 pm Lovemark, Jamie Flores, Martin Reed, Patrick
2:10 pm Axley, Eric Horschel, Billy Velasquez, Diego

We'll have more on the tournament in our 2012 Valero Texas Open StoryStream. You can find more on the entire world of golf at Waggle Room and SB Nation's golf hub.

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