Tiger Woods Answers Fans' Twitter, Facebook Queries And Does Not Fall Asleep

Tiger Woods manages not to snore as he answers fans' Twitter and Facebook queries.

As promised, Tiger Woods responded via video to fans’ Twitter and Facebook inquiries, working in a plug for a sponsor, mentioning his “reps,” revealing that “winning’s winning,” and somehow managing not to fall asleep during his 14-minute, 19-second snooze-a-thon.

“That is a great question,” a bearded Woods replied to a couple of the 20 or so Qs that ranged from the bland (What have you been working on since the Masters? Hint: not his club-kicking form) to the truly mind-numbing (What do you think is the coolest-looking trophy of the four majors? Answer: zzzzzzzzzzz)

In the overall scheme of all-things golf, does it really matter that Tiger Woods eschewed his usual pre-tourney presser in favor of a social-media PR stunt prior to this week’s Wells Fargo Championship?

Some media types fulminated that the world would lose an opportunity to hear Woods deftly evade questions from professional interrogators about his bad-tempered behavior during the Masters Tournament, or what happened to his game between his Arnold Palmer Invitational victory and his worst performance as a professional at Augusta. Not to worry, though, because Woods, the player ESPN said tolerates more on-site interviews than any other, will be available to the media after each round at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, N.C.

Instead of the pre-tourney gathering with reporters, however, Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg announced last week that his client would answer queries from his fans on Monday via Twitter and Facebook. While Steinberg’s stated purpose for the session -- to get Woods up to speed on social-media platforms -- was certainly suspect, the idea seemed like a good way for someone Forbes determined to be one of the most unpopular athletes on the planet to interact with long-time supporters and maybe win some new ones.

“It’s just a chance to have him interact more with fans," Steinberg told ESPN.

Of course, Team Tiger carefully screened the inquiries so we got what we expected -- a healthy dose of puff balls like those Woods had responded to recently on Twitter (* answers below):

  • “How often do you get offers from people to help you with your golf game?”
  • “Tiger how has your prep changed from when u first got on tour?”
  • “Favourite golf club? 7 iron, SW?” (our personal favorite)

Unfortunately, the social-media exercise (which Steinberg said Woods would repeat a couple of times this season) did not lead to any surprising responses to creative questions that no one had ever asked of the world’s most cross-examined athlete. Perhaps the most enlightening reply Woods offered was the difference between his play at Bay Hill, when he won, and his T40 finish at The Masters.

“I hit the ball well at Bay Hill,” Woods said. “I just wasn’t quite there [at Augusta].”

For those keeping score at home, there was no mention of whether Woods’ “traj” was on target, or the ever-popular, “it is what it is.” Guess he’ll save those nuggets for the reporters.

* Answers:

  • “On Twitter? Every 1.7 seconds.”
  • “I have less time to devote to my game, kids are my priority”
  • “All 14!”
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