3 'Fans' Tiger Woods Won’t Invite To Tuesday’s Hangout

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL - MAY 12: Tiger Woods of the United States looks on from the ninth hole during the third round of THE PLAYERS Championship held at THE PLAYERS Stadium course at TPC Sawgrass on May 12, 2012 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Tiger Woods to get social with fans again, but this time he'll be live.

With Tiger Woods set to sit through another hostage video on Tuesday in lieu of a press conference before this week’s Memorial Tournament, we glanced at some of the queries posted to the former ace’s Google+ site in advance of his first Hangout session. We found at least three would-be hanger-outers who won’t make the cut of those Woods invites to join him in a “LIVE” (according to his website) 30-minute chat.

One wise guy, whom Woods is sure to eschew in favor of friendlier virtual pals tossing him softballs, wanted to know how the golfer would fare going forward. “How many wins do you think you can pull out of your arse for the remainder of the 2012 season?” asked “Cody Miller.”

“Brian Musha” quizzed Woods about his entourage: “Do you think Elin will bring Sam and Charlie to be there when you when your 19th major championship??”

“Stocker Stock” was more pointed in a recommendation for how Woods could regain his sport’s top spot. “You should start screwing around again....,” Stock suggested. “You were pretty good with your game when you were doing it.”

Tuesday afternoon’s online get-together will mark the second time in four weeks that Woods will bypass the traditional pre-tourney presser and engage directly with fans. If his awkwardly taped responses to Facebook and Twitter inquiries prior to the Wells Fargo Championship were any indication, expect Woods to gravitate toward fans professing undying loyalty to the 14-time major champ, offer dull responses to even duller questions, and perhaps, sneak in tidbits of actual information.

“Matt Hrncar” seemed like someone with whom Woods would choose to chill. Hrncar told Tiger he had “been a big fan ever since the 1997 Masters (4 years old),” and was surprised by his hero’s “ability to stay focused and maintain strength.

“What is your mindset into heading the The Memorial and U.S. Open?” asked Hrncar.

“Roy Sexton” gave Woods the chance to wax poetic yet again about how he just needs more reps. “how close are you and [coach] Sean Foley to getting your swing where it needs to be to dominate again?” Sexton queried.

Right up there with the lamest question from Woods’ first indie vid -- “what is the coolest looking trophy of the four majors?” -- came this snoozer from “Jayton Washington”: “What kind of ball marker do you use, and do you use the same one every tournament?”

There were even some probes from Hangout denizens that observers might like to hear Woods answer. “Dustin Ashby” asked how Tiger might counsel another former No. 1, who bounced out of last week’s BMW PGA Championship after two miserable rounds.

“Given the amazing scrutiny you deal with week in and week out on the PGA Tour, what advice would you give Rory McIlroy who has missed cuts in back to back weeks now,” Ashby wondered. “He's now starting to get criticism he probably hasn't received before.”

Some pundits continue to criticize Woods for avoiding the media before he tees off on Thursday. But since he rarely discloses insightful info during such assemblies, and he plans to meet the press between rounds -- as he did at Quail Hollow -- what’s the big deal if he chooses now and then to chat with fans through various social media?

Let’s just hope Tuesday’s Tiger Jam is a tad less stilted than the previous home movie in which the only thing missing was the prisoner holding a copy of today’s newspaper to prove he was still alive.

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