Cowabunga! LPGA’s Christina Kim Takes On Twitter Bully

ROGERS, AR - JUNE 30: Christina Kim reacts to a shot on the 3rd hole during the second round of the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship at Pinnacle Country Club on June 30, 2012 in Rogers, Arkansas. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Christina Kim may be struggling with her golf game but she's right on target with her Twitter ripostes.

Christina Kim had a tough day at the office last Friday, and the last thing the popular LPGA golfer needed was a heckler rudely tweaking her on Twitter. But that’s just what the two-time tour winner got after posting a second-round 5-over 77, which, combined with Thursday’s 75, ensured she would miss the U.S. Women’s Open cut.

“OMG go on a diet,” read a charming Twitter message from @BlackAngus_CG to @TheChristinaKim. “You are a disgrace to women golf and women athletes.”

Kim, who boasts more than 33,500 followers, wasted no time (two minutes after reading the offending tweet, to be exact, according to’s Shad Powers) in firing back at her detractor, whose actual name is Melanie Spigelmyre.

“Gotta love twitter for introducing me to ‘people’ like BlackAngus_CG,” Kim typed. “Shoot me when I’m down some more, please!”

One of Kim’s fans, taking offense to the Twitter slams, forwarded a video of cows ramming into Spigelmyre while she was biking earlier this year. Seems the woman with a cattle fetish (perhaps the accident was a clue to her Twitter handle) and weight phobia (a few days earlier, Spigelmyre chided tennis star Petra Kvitova about being fat) is a cross-country cyclist, who ran into some heavy bovines while training in March.

“Hmmm,” Kim wrote. “Maybe @backangus_CG hated on me bc I reminded her of a cow.”

After Kim’s backers apparently tossed some more virtual cow patties at Spigelmyre (none of the comments appears on either woman's Twitter timeline), the golfer suggested that it was time to move on.

“Lol calm down folks. Just having some fun. No need for more harsh words to get thrown out there,” Kim tweeted. “That being said, I may go hug a cow tonight.”

Last week’s Twitter tiff was not the first time that some get-a-lifer got into it with the outspoken Kim about her weight. After Kim missed the cut at the 2011 Kraft Nabisco Championship, a tweeter typed that Kim was “one big fat kiss of triple bogey death,” according to the KoreAm Journal.

Kim nailed the anonymous typist.

“Gotta love how people are so fearless on twitter. I may be fat, having a sh-t year on tour, and going through unimaginable things, but at least I’m not a coward,” she tweeted, according to the Journal. “Everything I tweet, I would say to the person’s face.”

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