Honda Classic 2013: Tee times, pairings and TV schedule for Thursday

Stuart Franklin

Rory McIlroy will defend his Honda Classic title following a disappointing showing in match-play event.

Rory McIlroy will set out to defend his Honda Classic victory of last season on Thursday. Coming off a disappointing showing and quick exit from the Accenture Match-Play in Marana, Ariz., the world's No. 1 player had only a closed-session competition with world No. 2 golfer Tiger Woods to ready himself in the past week.

McIlroy tees off at 12:25 p.m. ET at the Par 70, 7,110 yard course in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. He'll be chasing the winnings of $1,026,000 that is part of the $6 million purse. Woods has an earlier start of 7:25 a.m. ET.

Last season, it was Woods and McIlroy leading the charge in the 2012 Honda Classic field of golfers. McIlroy finished 12 shots below part to hold off Woods and fellow American Tom Gillis, who both finished 10-under.

TV schedule

Thursday, 3-6 p.m. ET (Golf Channel)

Live streaming

Visit the PGA Tour website for streaming options for the Honda Classic.

Tee times

PGA National Champion Course Tee #1

Group Time Players
1 6:45 am Weekley, Boo Mallinger, John Kokrak, Jason
2 6:55 am Maggert, Jeff Taylor, Vaughn Every, Matt
3 7:05 am Howell III, Charles Owen, Greg Cauley, Bud
4 7:15 am Wagner, Johnson Na, Kevin Laird, Martin
5 7:25 am Merrick, John Dufner, Jason Oosthuizen, Louis
6 7:35 am Beljan, Charlie McNeill, George Steele, Brendan
7 7:45 am Curtis, Ben Sabbatini, Rory Weir, Mike
8 7:55 am Leishman, Marc Appleby, Stuart Immelman, Trevor
9 8:05 am Barnes, Ricky Hanson, Peter Manassero, Matteo
10 8:15 am Herron, Tim Gillis, Tom Grace, Branden
11 8:25 am DeLaet, Graham Wittenberg, Casey Hahn, James
12 8:35 am Langley, Scott Gomez, Fabian Bowditch, Steven

PGA National Champion Course Tee #10

Group Time Players
13 6:45 am Campbell, Chad Tringale, Cameron Noren, Alexander
14 6:55 am Marino, Steve Thompson, Nicholas English, Harris
15 7:05 am Streelman, Kevin Klauk, Jeff Lynn, David
16 7:15 am Stanley, Kyle O'Hair, Sean Ames, Stephen
17 7:25 am Woods, Tiger Johnson, Dustin Kaymer, Martin
18 7:35 am Henley, Russell Rose, Justin Schwartzel, Charl
19 7:45 am Blixt, Jonas Glover, Lucas Stenson, Henrik
20 7:55 am Crane, Ben Goosen, Retief Leonard, Justin
21 8:05 am Stroud, Chris Jones, Matt Bae, Sang-Moon
22 8:15 am List, Luke Bohn, Jason Holmes, J.B.
23 8:25 am Williams, Lee Compton, Erik Presnell, Alistair
24 8:35 am Horschel, Billy Hicks, Justin Lingmerth, David

PGA National Champion Course Tee #1

Group Time Players
25 11:45 am Romero, Andres Pride, Dicky Colsaerts, Nicolas
26 11:55 am Villegas, Camilo Jobe, Brandt Driscoll, James
27 12:05 pm Estes, Bob Duval, David Kuehne, Hank
28 12:15 pm Woodland, Gary Cink, Stewart Short, Jr., Wes
29 12:25 pm McIlroy, Rory Els, Ernie Wilson, Mark
30 12:35 pm Bradley, Keegan Fowler, Rickie Westwood, Lee
31 12:45 pm Gainey, Tommy Bradley, Michael Points, D.A.
32 12:55 pm Casey, Paul de Jonge, Brendon Mathis, David
33 1:05 pm Knost, Colt Kelly, Troy Claxton, Will
34 1:15 pm Matteson, Troy Davis, Brian Noh, Seung-Yul
35 1:25 pm Fritsch, Brad Reed, Patrick Fisher, Ross
36 1:35 pm Percy, Cameron Guthrie, Luke Scaletta, Paul

PGA National Champion Course Tee #10

Group Time Players
37 11:45 am Stadler, Kevin Ishikawa, Ryo Thompson, Michael
38 11:55 am McGirt, William Summerhays, Daniel Castro, Roberto
39 12:05 pm Overton, Jeff Flores, Martin Snyder III, Joey
40 12:15 pm Huh, John Kelly, Jerry Allenby, Robert
41 12:25 pm Gay, Brian Potter, Jr., Ted Kirk, Chris
42 12:35 pm Stallings, Scott Jacobson, Freddie McDowell, Graeme
43 12:45 pm Palmer, Ryan Ogilvy, Geoff Yang, Y.E.
44 12:55 pm Chalmers, Greg Harman, Brian Donaldson, Jamie
45 1:05 pm Parnevik, Jesper Duke, Ken Ridings, Tag
46 1:15 pm Reavie, Chez Hearn, David Stiles, Darron
47 1:25 pm Streb, Robert Gardiner, Scott Kohles, Ben
48 1:35 pm LaBelle II, Doug Lee, Richard H. Stuard, Brian

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