James Hahn may offer “Gangnam Style” dance lessons

Streeter Lecka

James Hahn may be a rookie on the PGA Tour, but thanks to the "Gangnam Style" dance moves he busted Sunday on the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale, he’s an Internet star.

James Hahn, who became an immediate YouTube sensation Sunday with his "Gangnam Style" reaction to a final-round birdie on the most raucous hole on the PGA Tour, may have a "Dancing With The Stars" career ahead of him should this whole golf thing not work out.

"They want dance lessons," Hahn said Tuesday about his friends, who watched on TV as the tour rookie launched into his not-so-spontaneous tribute to PSY after he rolled in a 20-footer on the par-3 16th at TPC Scottsdale.

Hahn, who’s in the field for this week’s Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, confided that the moves he busted on Sunday were not necessarily spur-of-the-moment follow-ups to banking the downhill, right-to-lefter. The "Asian Brad Pitt," as his sponsor, Travis Mathew, has tabbed Hahn, had a few other ideas about what to do stoke up a crowd that was already well lubed.

"The Aaron Rogers Discount Double Check was high on the list. There’s also The Tebow; everybody knows The Tebow," Hahn said of the trademarked (literally) motion made famous by the genuflecting New York Jets backup QB. "The Beyonce ‘If You LIke It You Shoulda Put a Ring On It,’ everybody likes that one."

But "Gangnam Style" won out.

"I made birdie, lifted up the putter, walked off the green and was possessed, and that’s what came out," he said. "[The crowd] loved it...[They’re] already riled up; it was early afternoon so I’m sure they’d already had a couple alcoholic beverages."


(Photo: travismathew.com)

Hahn hinted that he may have some additional surprises for spectators if he’s the last man standing at Pebble on Sunday.

"I might do something, a little fist bump here and there, but I think now since the bar has been set so high that maybe the winning putt on 18 might be a little something," said the man who claimed he was on a mission to bring the fan back into golf. "Guess you’re going to have to watch the Golf Channel to find out."

As for the video that has garnered upwards of 184,000 views -- not quite so many as the quadrillion or so eyes on the original PSY vid, but not too shabby -- Hahn was mesmerized by it.

"I can’t stop watching it," he said, with an infectious laugh. "I can’t believe I did that."

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