The Masters 2013: Tiger Woods drop adds to history of ruling controversies at Augusta National

Mike Ehrmann

Augusta National and The Masters are no strangers to controversial rulings. Here are a few other examples from past tournaments.

At the time of this writing, Tiger Woods is still waiting to receive a ruling on whether he took an illegal drop during his second round or not. As history will show, Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters have seen their fair share of questionable rulings over the years.

One of the most noted controversies in Masters history came at the 1958 tournament, again surrounding an alleged illegal drop. While on hole No. 12, Arnold Palmer was struggling to maintain a one-shot lead over Ken Venturi. Palmer's tee shot soared over the green and plugged in the rough. Due to a local rule in play that week, Palmer felt he was entitled to free relief. Venturi agreed and rules official Arthur Lacey was called to the scene to confirm. Lacey disagreed with the players' interpretation of the rule and an argument ensued.

Ultimately, Palmer took relief despite Lacey's ruling that no relief would be given. Palmer announced he would play a second ball, which Venturi pointed out was incorrect. Palmer's par on the hole was reviewed as he continued his round and eventually learned his 3 would stand.

Ten years later at the 1968 Masters brought along more controversy, this time surrounding Roberto De Vicenzo. Playing in the final round and two-shots behind the leaders, De Vicenzo played one of the best rounds of his life to the tune of a 7-under 65. While caught up in the excitement and realization he had just won his first Masters -- on his birthday, no less -- his golf world came to a crashing halt.

Playing partner Tommy Aaron recorded a par on De Vicenzo's hole No. 17 instead of a birdie-3. Still reeling with excitement, De Vicenzo failed to correct this scorecard error, signed the incorrect card and was later disqualified for doing so.

Stay tuned to see how Tiger Woods' situation plays out.

(EDIT: De Vicenzo was actually not DQ'd in 1968; he was forced to take higher score on the hole.)

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