Masters 2013: Caddie Steve Williams calls Adam Scott putt the 'highlight of my career'

Andrew Redington

Tiger Woods' former caddie is the first of the pair to get a major since the break-up, albeit on the back of Adam Scott.

Never before has the attention promptly turned to a caddie upon the winning of a major, particularly the Masters. But Tiger Woods floats all boats, and former caddie Steve Williams "won" another major on Sunday, carrying the bag for Adam Scott.

Since Tiger canned Stevie, the Kiwi caddie has repeatedly fired shots back at the 14-time major winner who made him famous. And so when Scott poured in that putt on No. 10 to win it, we were all waiting to see what the bagman what have to say -- how would he, either directly or indirectly, take a dig at Tiger?

As Scott noted after the round, Stevie read the winning putt for him, because the Aussie could barely see the cup due to the darkness settling in down in the valley at the 10th green. Williams shook off Scott's initial read, and he talked to the AP about that sequence after the round with a (perhaps unintended) subtle shot at Tiger (via Randall Mell/

"The winning putt might be the highlight of my career, because he asked me to read it," Williams told The Associated Press.

Maybe, in the instant, it's the highlight of his career but he was also on the bag for 13 of Tiger's 14 majors, and became a millionaire for carrying golf clubs. Williams has been racing to get the first major with Scott, who he joined up with shortly after the break-up with Woods. And it turned out to be Williams (on the back of Scott) who got there first, with Tiger still majorless since the 2008 U.S. Open.

Woods, meanwhile, went through the weekend mired in a rules controversy -- his second of this year, which some would say a caddie should prevent.

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