2013 Wyndham Championship: Tee times, TV schedule for Thursday's round

Hunter Martin

The week after major championship is always a bit of a let down, but Greensboro, one of the original PGA Tour stops, still draws an impressive field of FedExCup bubble boys.

The final regular season event of the 2013 PGA Tour circuit takes place this week at the annual historic Greensboro stop for the Wyndham Championship. With many players trying to bolster their position in the FedExCup standings, or simply crack the top 125, the field is a bit deeper than you might expect for an event sandwiched in between the last major and the start of the playoffs. It's also one of the Tour's oldest and most historic stops, even if it's diminished in stature over the years and isn't held in a large metro area or on a cookie cutter TPC layout.

Sedgefield Country Club will once again host this year's event, with that venue involved in the tournament off-and-on since its inception in 1933. Sedgefield has held the last five Wyndham Championships, taking the honors back from Forest Oaks in 2008. It's a classic layout that provides a good ball-striker one last chance to sneak into the playoffs, or perhaps cement their status in the upper tier, guaranteeing invites deeper into the four-week postseason.

Five of the last six winners at this event are inside the top 52 players in the world, so it has recently produced a well-established name or someone on the way to bigger things as a champion. Brandt Snedeker, the 2007 champion, is the highest ranked player in the field this year at No. 7 in the world. Snedeker will be paired with the last two winners here, Sergio Garcia and Webb Simpson. That threesome will be the marquee group throughout the first two days, with both firmly set up for a postseason run later this month.

Golf Channel will have the coverage from Greensboro for the first two days this week, coming on the air an hour earlier than normal at 2 p.m. ET on Thursday. The broadcast is scheduled to run up to 6 p.m., with that Sergio-Snedeker-Simpson group likely getting much of the love from the cameras. They are off at 12:50 p.m. on No. 1. Playing one tee time ahead of them is Bill Haas, Jordan Spieth, and Zach Johnson -- three American heavyweights who could all be locked into this fall's Presidents Cup team. It's a pretty impressive field given the unenviable spot on the calendar. Here's the complete tee sheet for Thursday's opening round:

Morning wave off No. 1:

Tee Time Players
07:00 AM Bohn, Jason Knost, Colt Stuard, Brian
07:10 AM Atwal, Arjun Jones, Matt Stadler, Kevin
07:20 AM Pampling, Rod Mathis, David Stiles, Darron
07:30 AM Henry, J.J. Huh, John Weir, Mike
07:40 AM Ernst, Derek Pettersson, Carl Kelly, Jerry
07:50 AM Weekley, Boo Bae, Sang-Moon Stallings, Scott
08:00 AM Wagner, Johnson Bradley, Michael Byrd, Jonathan
08:10 AM Glover, Lucas Ames, Stephen Yang, Y.E.
08:20 AM O'Hern, Nick Summerhays, Daniel Harman, Brian
08:30 AM Senden, John McGirt, William Gillis, Tom
08:40 AM Garrigus, Robert de Jonge, Brendon Lingmerth, David
08:50 AM Presnell, Alistair Williams, Lee Svoboda, Andrew
09:00 AM Herman, Jim Affrunti, Joe Hadley, Chesson
Morning wave off No. 10:

Tee Time Players
07:00 AM Estes, Bob Gomez, Fabian Lee, D.H.
07:10 AM Mayfair, Billy Barnes, Ricky Every, Matt
07:20 AM Ridings, Tag Castro, Roberto Jobe, Brandt
07:30 AM Steele, Brendan Singh, Vijay Allenby, Robert
07:40 AM Austin, Woody Gainey, Tommy Harrington, Padraig
07:50 AM Watney, Nick Els, Ernie Clark, Tim
08:00 AM Curtis, Ben Wilson, Mark Sabbatini, Rory
08:10 AM Bowditch, Steven Hanson, Peter Cauley, Bud
08:20 AM Romero, Andres Stroud, Chris Noh, Seung-Yul
08:30 AM Overton, Jeff Driscoll, James Kokrak, Jason
08:40 AM Rollins, John Pride, Dicky Bolli, Justin
08:50 AM List, Luke Gardiner, Scott Constable, Donald
09:00 AM Gates, Bobby Gonzales, Andres Mitchum, Kelly
Afternoon wave off No. 1:

Tee Time Players
12:00 PM Letzig, Michael Davis, Brian Hicks, Justin
12:10 PM Reavie, Chez Chappell, Kevin Matsuyama, Hideki
12:20 PM Teater, Josh Compton, Erik Kohles, Ben
12:30 PM O'Hair, Sean Baddeley, Aaron Leonard, Justin
12:40 PM Spieth, Jordan Haas, Bill Johnson, Zach
12:50 PM Snedeker, Brandt Garcia, Sergio Simpson, Webb
01:00 PM Crane, Ben Toms, David Appleby, Stuart
01:10 PM Wi, Charlie Thompson, Nicholas Hahn, James
01:20 PM Casey, Paul Tringale, Cameron Wittenberg, Casey
01:30 PM Howell III, Charles Reed, Patrick Ishikawa, Ryo
01:40 PM Campbell, Chad Maggert, Jeff DiMarco, Chris
01:50 PM LaBelle II, Doug Norlander, Henrik Meierdierks, Eric
02:00 PM Fritsch, Brad Haley II, Paul Williams, Chris
Afternoon wave off No. 10:

Tee Time Players
12:00 PM Chalmers, Greg Stefani, Shawn Streb, Robert
12:10 PM Perez, Pat Karlsson, Robert Lynn, David
12:20 PM Villegas, Camilo Walker, Jimmy Langley, Scott
12:30 PM Molder, Bryce McNeill, George Verplank, Scott
12:40 PM Potter, Jr., Ted Kirk, Chris Cink, Stewart
12:50 PM Kaymer, Martin Choi, K.J. Ogilvy, Geoff
01:00 PM Beljan, Charlie Immelman, Trevor Love III, Davis
01:10 PM Gove, Jeff Lee, Richard H. Claxton, Will
01:20 PM Lancaster, Neal Owen, Greg Hoffmann, Morgan
01:30 PM Matteson, Troy Flores, Martin Snyder III, Joey
01:40 PM Percy, Cameron Todd, Brendon Reifers, Kyle
01:50 PM Watkins, Aaron LeBrun, Steve Kim, Si Woo
02:00 PM Fisher, Ross Park, Jin McLardy, Andrew

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