Sony Open 2014: The one where golf is the same as surfing, Adam Scott-style

Tom Pennington

Steve Williams is otherwise occupied this week, so Adam Scott will have a surfing pal carrying his bag and handing him his sticks this week at the Sony Open.

Adam Scott, with his regular looper Steve Williams racing cars in New Zealand, hired surfing buddy Benji Weatherly to handle the luggage this week at the Sony Open. It’s a move that made sense for the reigning Masters champ, since Weatherly claimed to know a thing or two about how Stevie’s boss handles himself on the golf course.

"Golf is the same as surfing -- it's just you and you can't blame anyone else. It's you against the elements," Weatherly told Stephanie Wei ahead of his caddying stint for Scott, a reportedly avid surfer. "I'm going to be like his life coach and try to give him confidence. He's just so good."

Whoa, Benji! Scott, who has gone on four worldwide surfing safaris with Weatherly, may have to calm his new bagman down a tad.

"He can carry the bag," said Scott, who took on the challenge of "The Pipeline" on Oahu’s North Shore on Tuesday, according to Jim McCabe. "That's all I need him to do."

Weatherly, who met the first Aussie to win at Augusta through the golfer’s friendship with surfing legend Kelly Slater, said he cadged the gig a while back when Scott asked him if were interested in the temporary job.

"I said, ‘Yeah, why not?’ offered Weatherly, who took some time off from chatting and surfing to show off his golfing abilities.

"It's really fun because I love golf, but I've never been this close to a tournament," Weatherly said.

As for the native Australian’s ability with a board, Weatherly gave Scott high marks.

"He's not scared. The waves were eight feet and pretty big. We went out body surfing," he said. "It's pretty neat to get him out there. Kelly Slater was out there, cut some waves for [Adam]."

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