Bubba Watson pays surprise visit to ‘Morning Drive,’ tears ensue

Andrew Redington

Newly crowned Masters champ Bubba Watson swung by Golf Channel’s "Morning Drive" Tuesday for a little #BubbaTalkLive.

Bubba Watson, fresh from his triumphant tour of Waffle House to celebrate his second Masters win in three years, popped in unexpectedly on the "Morning Drive" gang at Golf Channel, to lay a little Bubba-wisdom on the world.

Amid grins and buckets of tears, Watson gabbed for some 45 minutes about Augusta, his 20-year-old final-round playing partner Jordan Spieth, his disdain for the media, and his love of family and, of course, his lord and savior.

Here’s a sampling of what Watson had to say, post-Masters triumph No. 2:

  • How having a son, Caleb has changed him -- "I don’t know if I’m a man yet. I still cry a lot, I’ve gotta be more manly about that I guess."
  • On walking up the 18th fairway knowing he was going to win -- Despite his dream to "high-five everybody" before sinking his final putt, his caddie Ted Scott counseled him to "get the victory ... and then you can do whatever you want to do."
  • About his putt for birdie on No. 18 -- Assured he could win even if he four-putted, Watson told Scott to read the line "because I can’t see anything right now."
  • On the press and why he’ll eschew the whole New York media circus this time around -- "Sometimes media can bring you down, sometimes media can get you too high where you think you’re the greatest person that walks the earth."
  • On grabbing some alone time with Angie rather than taking the media tour -- "I don’t want to tell anybody but we’re going to The Greenbrier," where the happy couple will host a private party on Friday. From there, Watson will show off his green jacket to the folks back home in Florida and possibly repeat his stint on the mound to kick off a Pensacola Blue Wahoos minor-league game.
  • On the "inspiration" of viewing Augusta’s inaugural Drive, Chip & Putt Championship ahead of the Masters -- "The game of golf, it grew on Sunday ... when these kids were there ... It’s going to grow more when families get involved, when parents start playing."
  • Whether Caleb has a chance to make it to a future such outing -- "I would love it. That would definitely be better than me winning again. It would be an honor and privilege for my kid to perform there."

  • About the frustration Spieth showed during the final round when he slammed his club into the turf -- "I had no clue that anything was going on. I don’t think he was immature. Who doesn’t get mad? After nine years of getting beat in the media -- I’m trying to fix it -- and so he’s going to get better but I didn’t see anything bad in his attitude ... He’s 20 years old, he’s trying to win ... He just gets excited ... He’s going to improve on it ... It didn’t bother me at all. I love the kid to death ... It was one of those things where he was trying to win a green jacket."
  • How he blacked out during the final holes of the Masters -- "When I put my head down, when I tapped in the little putt, there’s things I just don’t remember, it just happened so fast. Like when I grabbed Caleb next thing you know I’m crying, waving into the cameras with the green jacket on. Everything just is a blur because it happened so fast."
  • Golf is low on the priority list -- "The Bible, the Lord is first, my wife is second, my child is next, my friends and family are about fourth, and fifth is golf ... "
  • On his quest to emulate his Biblical role model -- "I started ... wanting to be a better person, be more Christ-like as much as I can; not very good at it but I’m trying."

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