Michelle Wie stinks at putting in high heels

Streeter Lecka

Michelle Wie shows off U.S. Women’s Open trophy, does The Tabletop during New York media tour.

Michelle Wie proved she can putt the lights out of a Nike RZN Black when she’s bent over her putter in her signature "tabletop" style.

The newly crowned U.S. Women’s Open champion also displayed her acumen for chugging beer from the huge chalice she earned with her one-stroke victory at Pinehurst on Sunday and that she straps into her car and snuggles with at night.

"It is very huggable," Wie said on Tuesday’s Today Show. "It’s a good cuddler too."

One thing the 24-year-old Stanford grad with four LPGA Tour Ws has not figured out how to do is get the ball to the hole while attired in a tight-fitting dress and shoes stacked a tad higher than your average golf spikes.

While making the by now de rigueur post-grand-slam-victory media rounds, Wie popped up on Fox & Friends, trophy clutched tightly, and obliged the obligatory request to show the gathered hosts how to do The Tabletop.

"This is going to be interesting in heels," Wie said as she assumed the position that, no doubt, will trend on the LPGA Tour and elsewhere after it helped her capture what could be the first of many major victories.

"You gotta go down as far as you can, 90 degrees maybe, and then," Wie said before leaving the attempt woefully short on sod cut just a wee bit higher than the meticulously trimmed grass on the slick turtleback greens of Pinehurst on which she posted zero three-putts.

And about that YouTube video of Wie twerking and tabletopping while enjoying the fruits of her victory, Wie assured her fans that she had given the receptacle a "nice clean" before taking a sip.

"Oh, I don’t even want to know," she said in response to a query about how many other adult beverages had filled the cup over the years.

Wie also offered her appraisal of 11-year-old Lucy Li, who hung around Pinehurst after becoming the youngest golfer to qualify for the women’s Open and missing the cut.

"She’s so cute," Wie said. "She’s out there for 36 holes, I saw her taking notes."

It did not go unnoticed by Wie, who profusely thanked two members of her South Florida posse, Keegan Bradley and Rickie Fowler, for sharing their yardage books with notes that apparently included their share of off-color jottings, that the budding superstar seemed engaged in similar reconnaissance from the sidelines.

"She kinda tracked down my caddie afterwards and was interrogating him, like asking all these really adult questions," Wie said. "It’s crazy. I should not give anyone advice."

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