Tiger Woods’ neon-striped golf shoes are like ‘bedroom slippers’ to fashion maven Peter Alliss

Andrew Redington

Tiger Woods’ green neon-striped golf shoes, Rickie Fowler’s flat-brimmed cap get failing grades from ancient Peter Alliss.

Tiger Woods, about a year ago, made it clear he was no fan of Rickie Fowler’s flat-brimmed Puma golf cap. While the hat style may be all the rage among 20-something golfers, and Woods’ green neon-striped golf shoes were definitely a different look for the former No. 1, neither fashion statement went over well with legendary but fusty BBC commentator Peter Alliss.

"I’m not sure the hat does anything for him, just my opinion," the 83-year-old winner of multiple events on the European circuit said on ESPN as Fowler prepared to tee off in Friday’s second round of the British Open. "It’s the style of it, the cut of it, the shape of it. He’s the only one with this sort of shaped hat or head maybe. I don’t know."

ESPN anchor Mike Tirico informed his colleague that "the kids love the hat, back home, they love it," but the ancient Brit who may have, rumors have it, broadcast the first Open Championship in 1860, was having none of it. Fowler’s headwear reminded the purported first-hand witness to the English Civil War of "when the Roundheads fought the Cavaliers" (and he wasn't looking at you, LeBron James) in 1684.

"You don't want a cap over your ears," Alliss observed. "You can't hear what's going on."

Alliss, who commented on Sergio Garcia’s pants ("white trousers, dangerous"), was just warming up, as was Tiger Woods who was getting ready to to see if he could get off to a better start than Thursday’s bogey-bogey beginning (he could not, making a double on No. 1 on Friday).

"What about the shoes?" Alliss remarked about Woods’ new-look pumps with a sporty racing stripe in the same neon green hue of Rory McIlroy’s outfit accents.


"Never seen him with shoes like that. Is this the new Tiger?" the Voice of British Golf wondered.

"They don't make golf shoes like they used to," said Alliss, no doubt recalling the beginning of the game back in the 13th century. "They used to be solid leather things with spikes, do you remember? They used to weigh about two or three pounds; now they’re like bedroom slippers."

We now return you to the 21st century.

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