Gordon Gee's hot takes

Gordon Gee to retire


Following a week of controversy and apologies, OSU's embattled president plans to retire.


Lost in the discussion of Gordon Gee's remarks about Bret Bielema, the University of Louisville, and the trustworthiness of Catholics was a long-festering question about expansion: Did Sally Mason save Iowa State athletics after all?

Gordon Gee emails apology to Bret Bielema

Gee apologized to Bielema for referring to him as a thug, one of the many outlandish comments he made back in a December meeting.

Gordon Gee: The gift that keeps on giving


I love guys with terminal foot-in-mouth disease, like Gordon Gee of Ohio St. University. It makes life worth living.

OSU Prezzy Calls Bielema A Thug - Internet Reacts



Gee apologized, so we can stop discussing Bielema

Gee at least had the foresight to reach out to Alvarez ahead of time, the latter announced in a statement Friday afternoon. Not only should this close the case on Gee vs. college football, it should do the same for Wisconsin vs. Bielema.

Gee says SEC undermined Meyer, crows about revenue


Ohio State president Gordon Gee's December remarks included a shot at the SEC. But they also contained a bit of context about Urban Meyer's time at Florida.


E. Gordon Gee sends out apology letter

The Ohio State president reached out to faculty, staff, and the student body to try and clear the air.

Full audio of Gordon Gee's comments

The Big Ten has more money than God and Bret Bielema is a thug. Just a couple of the gems you can discover in the full audio of Gordon Gee's comments.

Bowtie Copypasta


E. Gordon Gee's done it again – acted exactly like himself. While platitudes get retweeted like recycled @prodigalsam jokes, we look at why this is just business as usual.

Ohio State prez calls out everyone

For the umpteenth time, the Ohio State president has said some silly things, this time about Notre Dame, Louisville and the SEC.

Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee's car gets towed


As reported yesterday by The Columbus Dispatch, OSU President Gordon Gee's car was towed while he was throwing darts with students at Mamas Pasta & Brew. Anyone who has spent any time on campus is likely familiar with Shamrock Towing's lizard-green death machines, which roam the city streets looking for hapless, non-permit-displaying victims. Gee's car being towed just proves that nobody is safe. In fact, where's your car parked right now?

Ohio State's Gordon Gee has advice for Mark Emmert


"Stay the course," President Gee said, before nearly exploding from a potentially fatal leak of irony.

Gordon Gee, Bow Tie Ballin'

The best part in the Dayton Daily News' expose of gaffe-prone Ohio State president Gordon Gee's spending ($7.7 million in expenses since October 2007! Talk about Little Sisters of the Rich!) is the...

Hey Everyone! Gordon Gee Is Talking!

Like clockwork, Ohio State president Gordon Gee has emerged to say things, which always goes perfectly according to plan. Here, he calls out a pair of national outlets for stories that he also...

Ohio State President Gordon Gee Talks About Sports Again #SMH

Sigh:↵↵"First of all, the NCAA - if we would have given up five bowl games, they would have imposed the sixth on us because they were going to impose a bowl ban. This was Ohio State. This was...

Gordon Gee Ready To Ride The Slippery Slope

Ohio State president Gordon Gee, a man Jim Tressel has not yet fired, once called a college football playoff system "a slippery slope to professionalism" while praising the BCS for excluding...


2012's teams to embrace at their cuddliest is here. The Fulmer Cup is down there. We'll be in Athens to talk to a group of PR students about new media, meaning we'll probably just tell them all to...

Urban Meyer Poaching Recruits From Little Sisters Of The Poor

Ohio State president Gordon Gee comments on the fuss between Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema over Meyer being too good at recruiting, and now that Gee has taken a...

Ohio State The 'Poster Child For Compliance,' Says Gordon Gee


Here's Ohio State president Gordon Gee, riddling you with his particular language techniques in the wake of freshly churned NCAA troubles: The head of Ohio State University says the school's new...



While he wasn't giving Grantland the only thing it was missing as a website, Freek was doing what great artists do: telling the real story in the images and terms it truly deserves. Gordon Gee as...

Gordon Gee Doesn't Read Ohio State Audits. We Know That Because ...


Maybe we're all being too hard on Ohio State. I mean, it's not like they could have or should have known everything that their players were doing while they were selling memorabilia for tattoos and...

Gordon Gee Backs Gene Smith At Ohio State? Of Course He Does


Ohio State president Gordon Gee told reporters on Wednesday that his athletic director Gene Smith won't become a casualty of the Jim Tressel scandal in Columbus. The Buckeyes have a much easier target.

How Ohio State Athletics Flunked the Bar Exam


A legal analysis of Jim Tressel's interactions with Christopher Cicero.

Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee yesterday admitted, "I need to keep my mouth closed." ... "What...


Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee yesterday admitted, "I need to keep my mouth closed." ... "What do I know about college football? I look like Orville Redenbacher. I have no business talking about college football."

Ohio State's Blowhard President Agrees He Shouldn't Talk Remember when Ohio State's Gordon Gee popped off last week about how Boise State and TCU shouldn't get to play for a national championship because of schedule strength? And how he accused them of playing the Little Sisters of the Poor? He's backpedaling in dramatic fashion trying to save face. Ultimately, the most laughable thing he said was when he called a Big Ten schedule "a murderer's row." Yes, from the president of a school that's played one team all year that's currently ranked.

Where Gordon Gee and His Critics Are Right -- And Where They Are Wrong


Ohio State really has no reason to complain about Boise and TCU's schedules. But that doesn't mean that there aren't a few correct points in what Gee said.

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