Life Isn't Fair: Floyd Mayweather Talks About His Gambling Habits


Pictured above? Just a casual $100,000 bet that Floyd Mayweather put on Duke when they played Arizona last week. And he bet on Duke in the first half, mind you, where Duke was favored by five points. In case you forgot, Duke led by six at the half, so Floyd won $90,909.

Which, first of all... HOLY S**T.

That's the luckiest win in history and it won him 100 grand and oh wow I hate my life.

Also, though... Floyd sounds like a straight up gambling FIEND. Not judging him for how much he puts down, but once you start betting any amount of money on first half lines, gambling stops being a "fun little hobby" that you do to make sports more fun. At that point, you start glancing at the WNBA lines, or the over/under for the T'Wolves/Warriors game. ... Because you know the Warriors are going over, right? Gotta be, right? I mean, that's easy money. RIGHT? 

Ahhhhhh... Gambling.

Courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews, Floyd tells ESPN Radio a little more about his Vegas exploits:

How much money is the most he has won in a bet:

"In a week? Or in one bet? Probably $560,000 to $700,000. (Host: Do you remember what it was or remember the game?) I know the last big, big bet that I made, one of the largest bet was the New England Patriots. I think it was against the San Diego Chargers. I bet them for the money line of $500,000 and it brought back $560,000."

On why he bet so much on the Bulls:

"At first I was going to bet $100,000 on the first half, but I happened to be asleep because the Atlanta Hawks happened to be on a slump. At this particular time, what’s going on in the NBA right now, Derrick Rose is the leading MVP candidate in the NBA right now I truly believe. I believe in his skills. He’s an amazing player and that’s one of the players you can bet on. If the team can stay 100 percent, they have a good chance to get to the Finals facing probably the Heat in the East. Then in the West this year I think it’s either going to be the Spurs or the Lakers."

See, this all started when he began tweeting his betting tickets last week, after the Bulls won him a cool $37,000 against the Hawks. You may ask yourself, "Why would a celebrity tweet his betting income to the public? Won't the IRS take note of something like that?"

Perhaps. But remember, we're talking about a guy who once tweeted photos of his own, completely ridiculous watch collection. All bets are off when it comes to Floyd Mayweather.

Finally, here my favorite part of the interview:

How often he bets on sporting events:

"Every day. You have to find one that you truly believe in and truly feel you’ve got the ups and that’s the one that you load up on."

Hear that, kids? Learn from Floyd. Find something you believe in, and LOAD UP ON IT.


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