Hipster Or Athlete?

...Because as the old saying goes, the only thing better than making fun of hipsters is procrastinating by staring at all the crazy pictures you find on the internet. Isn't that why we're all here?

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Hey, Is That Hipster Or A Pro Athlete?

It's been said before, but it simply cannot be said enough: there's no better pastime than laughing at hipsters.

Laugh at their clothes, their shoes, their stupid beards, their hair, their crazy obsession with arcane microbrews, their fetishized relationship to Austin, Texas, and for God's sake, laugh at their movies and music. And no matter how ridiculous, every joke about hipsters is true. Because as soon as you think something's too ridiculous even for hipsters, it becomes an ideal addition to the hipster's lifestyle.

In other words, even if hipsters aren't currently playing pickup lacrosse leagues throughout Park Slope to try and subvert stereotypes, one day, skeeball will get old, and they will be. For irony's sake.

Anyway, in the spirit of loving hipster humor (and awesome photos), today's links highlight a new Tumblr that I could look at forever: Hipster or Athlete?

It's completely and totally irrelevant, which makes it a great way to procrastinate, so check it out. And speaking of procrastination, here are a few hipster/athlete photos I found on my own.

Like... Hey, an ironic wig!


...But nothing's more hipster than Jared Allen's actual hair...


...I like to think they're fighting over the last Magic Hat...


...And finally, HIPSTER FORMAL!



** As for the rest of today's links, we're keeping with the pictures theme. Ryan Hudson highlighted these awesome photos of the 2011 Iditarod, which is apparently happening as we speak. Because there you can never have enough cute photos of dogs, ya know? 

** Also, via JE Skeets, Did you know that after New York City retires its Subway cars, they throw them into the Atlantic Ocean? Because, uh... They do. The Subway cars create habitats for all manners of marine life up and down the East Coast. And these photos are pretty great.

** An aerial view of Tiger Woods' new hou--err... Compound. Yeah, definitely more of a compound.

** I love following rappers on Twitter:


** Johnny Depp, John Cusack, Hunter S. Thompson and a blowup doll.

** This will be the first and last time we ever link to Barstool Sports for anything, but seriously, the "I Hate When My Friend's Fat Arm Makes Me Look Naked" photo could be studied for hours.

** Spencer's celebration of Fat Athletes on Fat Tuesday was pretty great all-around. Meet Dwyane "Sluggo" Leverock, a cricket spin bowler who also works as a policeman and drives a prison van. Without Spencer, who would be around to tell us these things?


** Rap lyrics and kittens, yo. Those are Childish Gambino's lyrics, by the way, and in addition to being a hilarious comedian and starring in Community under his government name ("Donald Glover"), Childish Gambino dropped his new (and awesome) mixtape this week.

** This post is either a collection of cool photos featuring sunsets juxtaposed with power lines, or a meandering narrative that builds to some seriously intense meditations on decisions in life, Shakespeare, and nihilism. I guess what you take from it just depends on how much ADD you're working with at the moment.

And finally, via JE Skeets again, it's only appropriate for us to close with this, the best hipster dog caption of all time.


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