Blame The Supper Clowns: The Best Lockout Argument Of All

After I wrote this lockout column, this e-mail landed in my inbox. And because some things are just too great not to post... What follows is an unedited transmission from a fan named Bill.

Andrew Sharp, are you the king of clowns?

I have read your story about half way true when I could no longer tolerate stupidity. Evidently you have a mouth with nothing behind it to back it up. Lets look at facts, that is if you are capable to do so. Evidently you never owned a business where you have to pay employs so you won't understand what it takes to do so.

Lets look at supper clown James, a so called supper stare that was not capable to pull his team to a championship, so he and 2 other so called supper stars got to gather and decided to become a supper team. All the wile he was pretending that he was really searching for the best place for him to show he is a supper stare, even though he knew all the wile were he was going to go.

Well he and the other 2 supper clowns where beaten by one Real Supper STARE...


There's so much more.

We gave you the players' perspective last week, so in the interest of fair time...

...and believe me I was no fan off any Dallas player till after the final NBA playoffs. But did Clown James ever give it a thought what he was doing to Cleveland, or what would happen there and all the fans that put up with him when he was not yet conceder a supper star. We know he did not always do his best for them and they still came out game after game, supporting him?

I am sure Cleveland's attendants dropped after he left and probably also lost money. Yes some NBA owners are making money and they should, for that is the reason some on invests his money in the hope of making a profit. But some of them are loosing. Why?

A case in mind; Portland, (and I don't live in Oregon) They invested millions of $$ in a so called predicted supper stare and so far have nothing to show for except plenty of medical bill's. But his contract has expired and now they must shelved out another 8.8 mil. to keep there rights to him, just in case he might be ok now. But what if he is not? Do this Egomaniacs, the players loose anything?

But the owner, Paul Allen, the investor. He has not made a dime, are the player's willing to share in his losses to? No, they want to share only in the profit. I never got paid by any company I worked for when I got injured, only some Ins. money and that was only a partial payment, not the whole.

When I listen to the Interviews of the players and they all say they love to play the game and they are well compensated for that. The owners take the risk with there money. What do the players risk. Only there inflated Egos and greediness.

Would it not be nice if they would accept a little less for what they love to do, so the Ticket prices could be lowered and a retired person like me on a fixed income could once in a while afford to see a live game? In my mind there are not to many, what I consider real supper stars, but I will tell you about 2.

Dallas has one, he has stayed with his team and has lifted it to an NBA championship. The other played for Chicago all his courier I believe and no matter who his team mates were, he lifted the team and excelled.

I love how NBA critics always point to Michael Jordan like some white knight of integrity. Like he's somehow different than other NBA stars. (It reminds me of this scene in Do The Right Thing.)

But other than that, you gotta admit, the man makes some good points. Namely, that we should have been calling superstars "supper stars" this whole time. It's impossible to respect any NBA "supper star", and it's about time we take these NBA clowns down a peg, ya know? Like the billionaire owners are trying to do with this lockout, standing up for people like Bill!

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