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Rookie of the Year droughts, by team

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Justin Verlander is one of two players in MLB history to win the MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year awards.* But if you were making an All-Dutch team, he'd only be the third starter. Which Nederlanders would pitch ahead of him? Why, that information can be found in this handy chart detailing how long it's been since a player from each team won the Rookie of the Year award.

NL Team Last RoY Player Notes
Nationals 2012 Bryce Harper Greatest RoY class ever? Hard to beat '67 (Seaver and Carew).
Braves 2011 Craig Kimbrel Is still just 25. The successor to Mariano?
Giants 2010 Buster Posey Already the greatest Buster in MLB history.
Miami 2009 Chris Coghlan Hasn't come close to matching his rookie campaign.
Cubs 2008 Geovany Soto Could get a good FA deal from loser of Salty/McCann sweepstakes.
Brewers 2007 Ryan Braun I once called him "Selig's white whale." You got him, Ahab.
Phillies 2005 Ryan Howard Still owed ~$85 million. Might be platooned next year.
Pirates 2004 Jason Bay Only Pirate to win Rookie of the Year.
Rockies 2002 Jason Jennings Out of baseball.
Cardinals 2001 Albert Pujols Would you take the over or under on an .810 OPS in 2014?
Reds 1999 Scott Williamson Had a good career. Lots of walks, but stingy with HRs and hits.
Dodgers 1996 Todd Hollandsworth Was fifth consecutive Dodger to win RoY.
Padres 1987 Benito Santiago Once saw him catch 18 innings the day after catching 12.
Mets 1984 Dwight Gooden "I'd trade anyone's past for Gooden's future." -Sandy Koufax
Diamondbacks - - Archie Bradley has a shot to win next year.

AL Team Last RoY Player Notes
Angels 2012 Mike Trout Best baseball player in the 'verse.
Rays 2011 Jeremy Hellickson Kind of a lost season this year.
Rangers 2010 Neftali Feliz Rehabbing from Tommy John. Will he start or relieve in '14?
Athletics 2009 Andrew Bailey Had shoulder surgery in July. Back mid-2014 at earliest.
Red Sox 2007 Dustin Pedroia PECOTA: 1, Scouts: 0
Tigers 2006 Justin Verlander All-Dutch rotation: Blyleven, Schilling, Verlander, Vander Meer.
Royals 2003 Angel Berroa Last seen roaming the outfield for the New Jersey Jackals.
Blue Jays 2002 Eric Hinske World Series rings with Red Sox AND Yanks. Retired?
Mariners 2001 Ichiro Suzuki We're gonna miss him when he's gone.
Yankees 1996 Derek Jeter Will miss all of 2014 after being shot by douchebag cop.
Twins 1995 Marty Cordova Older than Griffey, who hit 172 HRs before Cordova's 1st at-bat.
Astros 1991 Jeff Bagwell "Bag very well by reputation." - Funny if he were a grocery bagger.
Indians 1990 Sandy Alomar Coming soon to an MLB dugout near you.
Orioles 1989 Gregg Olson First reliever to win AL RoY. Scraping bottom of trivia barrel now.
White Sox 1985 Ozzie Guillen Will he manage again? Not soon, probably.

* Don Newcombe.


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