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I got no beef with Les Rohr


Back in the1980s when David Letterman and Jay Leno were still pals, Leno was a regular on Letterman's show. And part of his schtick was that he's complain about some silly little something. Dave would ask him about it, and Jay would say, "What's my beef, Dave?" And then there would be much laughter and rejoicing throughout the land.

Today and most days, my beef is Americans who think they deserve something beyond the most basic human needs (food, shelter, education, decent health care, Jon Miller). Which is almost all people, of every age and creed and political persuasion. Makes me nuts, especially when the sense of entitlement is paired with rank hypocrisy. As it so often is.

But enough about me. It's just so refreshing when you find someone who seems to take the opposite tack. Les Rohr, for instance. In 1965, the Mets chose Rohr with the second pick in the very first amateur draft. That didn't work out so well for them, as Rohr won exactly three games in the majors. His last action with Mets (or anyone else) came in 1969, when he got into one game, briefly.

A few years ago, the Mets invited him to New York to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their first World Championship. He didn't go. For whatever reason, Rohr never got a World Series ring. About which he seemed unconcerned. From an article in the Billings Gazette:

He was with New York during a portion of its amazing run to a National League pennant and World Series championship 40 years ago.

"But I don't consider myself a Miracle Met, because I really did nothing," he said. "I was just lucky to be there."

That's why he said he won't be attending the team's '69 Anniversary Celebration, which is scheduled for Aug. 22 at New York's new Citi Field.

"They wanted me to come back," Rohr said. "I just told them there isn't any reason I should be back there with all those ballplayers that actually won the World Series. They're the ones that deserve it."


He said the Mets offered to "pay for everything" to get him to attend the reunion. And some would suggest that he is being unassuming and humble to a fault.

"Yeah, I know," Rohr said. "But this is just how I feel."


And, to this day, it seems a bit unusual that Rohr doesn't have a World Series ring. He just shrugs that off and says he has no hard feelings.

"It's only a material thing, just a hunk of metal," he said. "It doesn't bother me at all. If it does show up in my mailbox one day, I'll be surprised. Somebody's got it."

Rohr laughed when he said that, but later added: "I was measured for a ring. I'm sure there's a ring out there with my name on it. I don't know where it is."

Yes, this article is four years old but I just found it. Maybe the Mets can send Les Rohr a World Series ring, finally? I'm sure the money can't be an issue.

Oh. Right. Dang it.

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