Concept images for 2015 Indy Lights Dallara chassis revealed

Andersen Promotions

Concept renderings for the next Indy Lights chassis were released on Friday afternoon.

The first glimpse of the upcoming Indy Lights Series chassis that will debut in 2015 was revealed on Friday as Andersen Promotions -- the new promoting arm of the tour -- released concept images of the Dallara IL-15.

The car's sleek and modern design is a joint effort between Dallara's Italian office in Varano Melegari (Parma) and Dallara LLC in Speedway, Ind. The actual cars will be manufactured at a plant near the company's headquarters near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

"The new Indy Lights Dallara IL-15 will be built to the highest safety and reliability standards that Dallara is known for and offer a modern stylish appearance that we know our drivers and fans will love," Dan Andersen, Owner and CEO of Andersen Promotions said. "We've been working with Dallara to present a car that will perform well, provide the proper training required for drivers in our series as the final step on the Mazda Road to Indy ladder and still be exciting to look at.

"We believe the designers have accomplished all of our goals. Seeing it on the track next August in testing cannot come soon enough for us."

Dallara is also the manufacturer of the current Lights spec and while the car is aged -- first rolled out in 2002 -- it remains popular with recent graduates.

In a May interview with SB Nation, Andretti Autosport driver Carlos Munoz said that the current Lights car was a "good school" and provided a valuable learning base for aspiring IndyCar drivers.

"A lot of things carry over pretty well actually," Munoz said. "The cars handle similar in traffic and seat time at the Speedway is always valuable. The only thing I would really suggest about the new car is a steering wheel that matches the Indy car Dallara just for (familiarity's sake.)"

So Dallara, who also produced the current IndyCar Series spec appears to have the base requirements needed to produce a challenging machine that will also link Lights to the IndyCar Series for the foreseeable future.

Additional promotional images have been provided below. What do you think about the upcoming Indy Lights car? Tell us in the comments section below.


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