IndyCar to place lap down cars to rear of field if caution falls with less than 15 laps to go

Ronald Martinez

IndyCar issued a rules update on Friday afternoon that will eliminate both lap down cars on late restarts and solve a possible loophole for late-races penalties.

Lap down cars will no long influence the leaders on restarts with less than 15 laps to go as IndyCar announced an update, effective immediately to the 2013 rule book.

The new rules will slot lap down cars to the back of the field any restart that comes with less than 15 laps remaining in a race. Rules have also been clarified about last-lap penalties and damage to tires early in a run as it relates to the current tire rules.

The updates have been provided below and are curtesy of an IndyCar news release:

Race Restart - In the event of a restart with 15 laps or less remaining in the race, all lapped cars will be moved to the rear of the field. (

Race Procedure Penalties - If circumstances do not permit for a penalty to be served during a race, the Race Director shall declare the race results provisional and officials will review the penalty. This review is independent of technical inspection. (9.2.2).

Tires - If a car receives tire damage due to contact during a race, the two-lap requirement for that type of tire will be considered fulfilled (

The late-race restart rule is especially noteworthy because fan opinion has been strictly divided with one segment of fans believing lap down cars are the leader's earned advantage and other believing that they provide interference and block a potential battle for the lead.

It appears that IndyCar has sided with the latter.

Where do you stand on the rule changes? Is this both fair and better for on-track competition? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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