Scott Speed finds similarities between open-wheel and Global Rallycross

John Harrelson

The former F1 driver wouldn't mind attempting another Indianapolis 500 but it would have to be with a competitive team after failing to make the 2011 race.

Concord, N.C. -- Scott Speed says he would like to try IndyCar racing again someday but it has to be under competitive circumstances.

The former Formula 1 driver and current NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver attempted the 2011 Indianapolis 500 with Dragon Racing but did not make the field when both he and teammate Ho-Pin Tung struggled with their cars leading up to Pole Day.

Tung crashed on Pole Day and was not medically cleared to participate in Bump Day.

Speed has since focused on participating in the Cup Series with Leavine Family Racing. He also just recently added the X-Games and Global Rallycross to his resume, the latter of which will compete at the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Sept. 22.

It was GRC that Speed was at Charlotte Motor Speedway to promote on Wednesday afternoon but the driver took a moment to explain how these cars were similar in spirit to those in IndyCar and Formula 1 as well.

"The cars are extremely high tech," Speed told SB Nation on Wednesday. "There is a lot of technology involved in this discipline to take this car and do what we do with them, from the launch and jumping to the durability of the cars themselves.

"So it's very cool to be a part of a racing series that has this kind of technology in it. And while not at the level of F1 obviously, it's certainly past NASCAR."

Speed says he's a fan of all forms of racing, including IndyCar racing but hasn't been able to focus on that discipline in recent years with his stock car commitments. With that said, IndyCar is something that Speed still has on his bucket list, assuming the car was more competitive than his most recent attempt.

"Indy is one of those places where you can't just go there unless and you have the full effort to obtain some success," Speed said. "The first attempt that we did was not nearly prepared as well for us so try not to make that mistake in the future and there are always talks about doing it someday."

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