The adventures of Johnny Manziel

Explaining that Aggie hand gesture

College football in 2013 continues to cause weird things, like a 64-year-old career Texas academic in a bowtie happily making an obscure Toronto hip-hop reference. This is wonderful.

Johnny Manziel quotes from other evil people

It seems everyone is looking to latch onto the Johnny-bashing conga line. And I do mean everyone.


We were on scene for the Manziel TIME cover shoot

Johnny Manziel is on the cover of TIME for a feature story about paying college athletes. We participated in the photoshoot and wrote a longform article about th experience.


Mike Bianchi's Holy Heisman War

How Mike Bianchi's private war for the integrity of the Heisman trophy began, and why it is rooted in sorrow.

Lou Holtz angered by Johnny Football's taunting

The former head coach had some harsh words for the young quarterback.

Rounding up A&M's many adventures

Johnny Manziel entered the game for Texas A&M after halftime, and then things got weird.

Let's be happy Johnny's back

The NCAA and Texas A&M have announced Johnny Manziel is only going to miss one half of the Rice game. Thank God.

Texas A&M Chancellor attacks Darren Rovell, ESPN

A&M's top administrator dismisses the work of the ESPN and former CNBC reporter: "Rovell has been duped before."

Manziel lawyer says there is no investigation

Is the whole Johnny Manziel autograph investigation even happening? His lawyer says no investigation is underway, and there's no evidence we shouldn't believe him.

Report from March 2013 on Manziel autographs

An article from the San Angelo Standard Times indicated that non-authentic Manziel autographs were being circulated.


Johnny vs. the NCAA FAQ

Texas A&M is not without its Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback just yet, but buckle up for a long ordeal.

GIF of Johnny Manziel accepting $$$ for autographs

New GIF footage reveals what really went down in Florida.

What if Johnny Manziel was a Longhorn?

This week's hypothetical involves a question that people are actually asking and thinking about. Hell, Johnny himself has probably thought about it.

NFL scouts divided on Johnny Manziel's future

His status in college football is undeniable, but how do NFL scouts think Johnny Manziel will do in the pros?

In defense of Paul Manziel

Johnny Manziel's father is taking some heat around the internet for quotes in the latest article by ESPN's Wright Thompson. We should be more thoughtful about making judgments and jumping to conclusions.

The Wright Thompson Interview

We talked to ESPN's Senior Writer about his Manziel Story

Manziel family at odds with Texas A&M

Life is by no means easy for the nation's biggest college football star. Nor is it for his family.

Johnny Manziel on the 40 Acres? Uh Oh.

Johnny Football's infatuation with everything Austin is flattering and at times uncomfortable.

Manziel wasn't partying in New Orleans

A new report that surfaced over the weekend indicated that Johnny Manziel was in New Orleans partying the night before being dismissed from the Manning Passing Academy. That was refuted a day later, but Manziel's long week continues.

The feud that doesn't exist

Johnny Manziel and A.J. McCarron will play in an amazing football game in two months. Why do we need them to dislike each other, when all evidence shows they probably don't?


AJ McCarron and the Mirror of Erised

McCarron was trying to create a new identity as the anti-Manziel during SEC Media Days. @RageBot_ explains what he was really saying...

Transcript: Johnny Manziel Q&A at SEC Media Days

I took the time to transcribe Johnny Manziel's media session at SEC Media Days because I think it's faster for people to read than watch a video. Also, it may be easier for those of you with jobs...

Like seagulls following a trawler

This is all that's left of Johnny Football until football season.

If Johnny Manziel opened a brewery

Obviously Johnny Football is too young and too NCAA eligible to own a brewery. But if he did...

Clowney, Manziel think they can outrun each other

Let's cross our fingers and hope we can see them play on the same field this year.

Johnny Manziel denies being hungover at camp

The Heisman Trophy winner denied being hungover at the Manning camp, but acknowledged that he's made mistakes this offseason.

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