LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 27: The Olympic Rings are assembled during the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium on July 27, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Full Coverage Of The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Did you miss any of the Opening Ceremony? We've got you covered with GIFs, analysis and more!

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Olympics Opening Ceremony Taught Us 5 Things About The World

NBC used its coverage of the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night to teach America five super important facts about the rest of the world.


Opening Ceremony Fireworks Look Amazing Sped Up

The fireworks during the Opening Ceremony were pretty great at normal speed on Friday. But let's speed them up a bit and see what happens.


Yeah, this is pretty amazing. Could probably stare at it all night!


We Are All Independent Olympic Athletes

Three athletes came to the Olympics under the Olympic flag, otherwise known as Independent Olympic Athletes. They come from South Sudan and Netherlands Antilles, and are just happy as hell to be in London. Really, their entrance into the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony was the best, and it's not particularly close.

While most athletes stoically walked around the stadium or whipped out camera phones to record the action, these three decided to have a party. Everybody dance!





This is how it should be anyway. The Opening Ceremony should be a dance-off. A colorful, athletic dance-off.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be rooting for the Independent Olympic Athletes. And you should be, too.


Corgis Win The Opening Ceremony

The Queen Elizabeth + James Bond + Helicopter skydiving was probably the best moment of the Opening Ceremony -- at least so far. It wasn't just the ridiculousness of it all, though it was most ridiculous. No, it was the corgis. The wonderful corgis.

Hello Bond and two adorable corgis.


Corgis on the stairs! This is so much better than slinkies!


This is where everybody, all at once, says "awwwwww!"


And we end it all with an adorable corgi shot.


Goodbye corgis. We'll miss you.


The Opening Ceremony: Keep Calm, It's Not Live

The opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London began with a televised ode to measurement. Per NBC, the British are known for coming up with the concept of time, speed, punctuality, distance and every other metric you fail at in life. Thanks for making the bricks and mortar of the world's terrible self-esteem, England. You're a peach.

Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt narrated shots of impossibly beautiful athletes moving in slow motion. The Tower of London was mentioned without mentioning how the place was basically one big jewelry storage/torture box for the monarchy, and then something something Michael Phelps flexing in a pool. Then XBox Bob Costas appeared. Bob Costas in HD resembles the fake newscaster in Tom Clancy-themed video games, but instead of telling you how Armenia has been taken over by terrorists and needs Biff Thunderhorse and his special SEAL team to kill everyone there, he introduced Tom Brokaw, who then got everyone good and terrified about terrorism. He then embraced a wild meme let loose from the internet.

And that is how NBC welcomed you to the games: chalk cliffs, terrorism scares and just way, way too many singing children. Then everyone started playing a live-action game of Civilization. It is, for lack of a better word, neat.


Olympic Cauldron Lit In Unique Way At Opening Ceremony

The honor of lighting the Olympic Cauldron at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games on Friday went to a group of young athletes nominated by British Olympic champions. While most thought rower Steven Redgrave (who carried the torch into the stadium), famed mile-runner Roger Bannister, Queen Elizabeth III or noted soccer enthusiast David Beckham were set to light the torch, organizers went a different direction. And it was actually pretty incredible to watch.

Here's the cauldron, which consists of 204 individual petals representing each competing nation. Now let's all be amazed:





Trippy as heck, right?

The 2012 London Summer Olympics opening ceremony was an outright success (or so I heard through perfectly legitimate sources), filled with frippery and cameos from all of your favorite adorable British celebrities. The torch was lit following the parade of athletes with their respective nations.

With the lighting of the cauldron, the games have now officially begun. You can catch medal events in archery, cycling, fencing, judo, shooting, swimming and weightlifting on Saturday. The games will run through the closing ceremony on Aug. 12.

For more on the Olympics, visit our dedicated 2012 London Olympics hub.


2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Will Feature Goats, Geese And Sheep

The opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics will feature live animals as part of a large depiction of the British countryside.

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