Watch the most lopsided 'Family Feud' performance

"Fast Money" was all teed up, but it just wasn't meant to be.

A quick "Family Feud" refresher, in case you're unfamiliar: At the end of the game, a pair of players from the winning team do "Fast Money." Both family members are given a few seconds to answer the same five questions. One family member is placed in an isolation booth while the first gives answers. He then must provide unique answers to the same questions in 25 seconds.

The two must combine for 200 points based on survey responses. If the first person does a good job, it makes things harder for the second person, because better answers will have been taken. Cool? Cool.

So, here were the questions in this "Fast Money" segment:

1. We asked 100 single men: On a scale of 1-10 what chance do you have of dating a girl who's a 10?

2. Name a kind of place where people keep checking their watch.

3. Name a noisy insect.

4. Name something a person's belly does.

5. Fill in the blank: A married couple might be deeply in _____.

Here are Tim's initial responses:


Remember, BOTH contestants are trying to add up to 200. Tim dropped 182 alone. That's a legendary performance, as the family's reaction shows. All Anna needed was one decent answer to finish the job. Chip shot. And yet...


Straight bagels. A most Hibbert-ian performance. But was this just bad luck? Let's walk through it.

1. This is already a confusing question, and since "5" (the most popular answer) was taken, the strategy is either to go with an extreme (1 or 10) or take a small step higher or lower. You'd think at least one person would have said "4," but no luck. Not a terrible error, just unlucky.

2. "Restaurant" isn't a stupid answer -- someone could have said that -- but it obviously wasn't a strong one. I think I would have said "school."

3. I honestly can't think of a good non-cricket answer besides "cicadas," but I bet that answer would have gotten me the 18.

4. Nobody said "throws up"!? That seems like a good enough response.

5. This is the gravest error. On one hand, there isn't an obvious answer besides "love." I probably would have said "debt." "Marriage" is just ... nope. It's a rush at the end there, but that's weak.

Had Anna gone first, she would have done decently. She went second, though, and she had NO back-ups to her initial answers. Tim carried her all the way to the finish line, and she couldn't take that final step. The ball was on the tee, but she couldn't hit it. He tossed her a perfect lob, but she couldn't finish the alley-oop. All the sad sports metaphors. Just devastating.

(Photo via P&T's King Henry the Second)

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