LeBron and Gisele and James Bond and Putin and ALL THE CELEBRITIES are at the World Cup

Martin Rose

Famous people like sports too! The luxury boxes at the World Cup Final are an incredibly awesome and random set of famous people.

The World Cup is an important sports event. Lots of people are interested in it! Some of those people are celebrities. Those people get nice seats, and TV directors know where they are so we can see famous people reacting to sports moments, just like us!

Here is a list of the famous people at the World Cup Final:

That is one hell of a list. I mean, that is one amazing damn list. Presidents, models, actors, singers, athletes, the whole nine.

Some points:

- LeBron should've upstaged the World Cup with his announcement. He would have been the least popular person on earth.

- German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it, but not Argentina's head of state? Where's the passion?

- Can we rule out James Bond being there to assassinate a world leader?

- Did Gisele leave Tom Brady at home, or does FIFA just not care about Tom Brady?

- Carles Puyol just forgot to book a plane back to Spain and figured he might as well watch the game and they were like "uhhhhh we guess you should get nice seats."

- Do you think Shakira and Wyclef are going to talk about that time they did a song together, I hope so, it was a good song.

- Brazil has good supermodels.


- So we get that there are heads of state there, but, man, Prime Minister Gaston Browne of Antigua and Barbuda! Antigua and Barbuda is a small island nation of 80,000 in the Caribbean. It is not very good at soccer, as they were eliminated before the hex stage of CONCACAF qualifying, losing five out of six games against America, Jamaica, and Guatemala. We can't think of any real reason this dude is getting VIP tickets to the biggest game on the planet. There are more people in the stadium than in his country! This guy just got put into office last month. We have decided the best way to get great seats at sporting events is to get elected Prime Minister of a small country.

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