MLB Designated Columnists

Crazy Sandy finally deals Ike Davis

The Mets traded Ike Davis to Pittsburgh, which reminds general manager Sandy Alderson in a way much like a popular New York salesman from decades ago.

Sean Doolittle 5-year extension: Not that weird

The A's extend their left-handed reliever for something like the rest of time. Good idea or bad?

Juan Lagares Trek

Sometimes fate saves you from your own ineptitude.

Can the same men who broke the White Sox fix them?

Despite a 99-loss season, there was no housecleaning in the front office. Now those who let the White Sox crumble on their watch are charged with being smarter. Are they capable?

To the Mats with Eduardo Nunez hate mail

To the mats with reader mail and Nunez-inspired hostility.

Yasiel Puig was late for work, got benched, woohoo

Is anyone learning anything from this? Puig? Maybe. Don Mattingly? Also maybe.

Jeff Samardzija: Let him pitch ... for the Cubs

The Cubs' nominal ace is the constant subject of trade rumors ... but why?

Derek Jeter: Could it be over sooner than planned?

Twenty-five years ago, future Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt pulled the plug on his career after a slow start to a season. Could Derek Jeter go the same way?

The gradual extinction of the designated hitter

Designated hitter production is still trending downwards. It wouldn't matter, but Big Papi, the last of the great dinosaurs, still roams the forest.


Catching complacency, or digging a deeper hole

Left alone for too long, a lack of catching talent can be devastating to any team's chances.

Can Aaron Harang help the 2014 Indians?

Harang could be coming to the end of a long career, but he still thinks there's something left to help Cleveland.

D-Backs scramble to cope with Corbin injury

Is top prospect Archie Bradley on the way into the starting rotation in the aftermath of Corbin's injury?

Twins spend on Glen Perkins now to save later

Extending their closer might seem odd, but it will likely save them money as they rebuild.

Adam Eaton: Best leadoff man in White Sox history?

Luis Aparicio is not the answer.

Tigers one injury from broken outfield

Andy Dirks is hardly a star and his injury doesn't rob the Tigers of a key part, but it underscores what could be a fatal lack of outfield depth for the AL Central favorite.

MLBAM's new defensive data could hurt Rays, A's

New advanced data could cut off an advantage for teams who need it.

Jonathan Singleton, pot, and MLB's priorities

Major League Baseball's rules don't care about Jonathan Singleton's problems any longer, all because of a promotion.

Ian Kinsler's misplaced priorities

GM Jon Daniels may or may not be "a sleazeball," but Kinsler's outrage over losing his best clubhouse buddy is a great example of a ballplayer putting other considerations ahead of winning.

Is it okay to hate closers now?

With Mariano Rivera gone, it's time to get back to debunking one of baseball's most self-punishing roles.

Frank Robinson homework for everybody!

Buck Showalter gives a kid a homework assignment and everybody chuckles, but there's something more valuable at stake.

The 2014 Red Sox? Nah.

Unless ... no, I couldn't possibly be suffering from cognitive bias.

Can the Mets win 90 games like Alderson believes?

Is there any amount of things going right that can bring the Mets to Alderson's expectations?

The DH is like watery, flavorless beer

You don't like watery, flavorless beer, do you? Good, then I don't even know why we're arguing about the DH.

Predictions: What are they good for? (Nothing)

It's baseball's silly season, when preseason publications pour out predictions by the score. Some of them will be right, many wrong, and none of it is worth getting upset over.

Can the Braves' Andrelton Simmons keep it up?

Simmons had a historic defensive season in 2013, setting himself up to receive a contract extension taking him through 2020. But how often do shortstops repeat at such a high defensive level?

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