Rangers Agree To Terms With Adrian Beltre On Mega Contract

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Adrian Beltre Contract Details Revealed

On Wednesday, the Rangers formally announced the signing of Adrian Beltre at a team press conference. The third baseman stands to be a big improvement both at the plate and in the field, cementing the Rangers' status as the team to beat in the AL West.

Now, courtesy of Ken Rosenthal, we have some more details about his contract. We knew that it had a maximum value of $96 million over six years, but here's the complete breakdown:

2011: $14 million
2012: $15 million
2013: $16 million
2014: $17 million
2015: $18 million

That adds up to $80 million over the first five years. The 2016 option is worth $16 million, but the Rangers may choose to void it if Beltre falls short of 600 plate appearances in 2015, or 1200 plate appearances in 2014-2015.

Additionally, one more detail: if Beltre is on the disabled list at the end of the 2015 season, and he's deemed unable to begin 2016 at normal health by a mutually agreed on doctor, the Rangers may defer $12 million of his 2016 salary at 1% interest. It isn't the most captivating detail in the world, but there you go.


Adrian Beltre Press Conference Scheduled For Wednesday

The Adrian Beltre sweepstakes have now officially reached a conclusion. Earlier Tuesday evening, it was reported that Beltre had reached a contract agreement with the Rangers, and that the only remaining holdup was a physical exam. The assumption was that Beltre would fly into town Tuesday night for a Wednesday exam, but according to Jon Heyman, Beltre flew to Texas and immediately had his physical, and - unsurprisingly - he passed.

So that settles it. Adrian Beltre is officially a Texas Ranger, and the team has called a press conference for Wednesday to announce the deal. Terms of the contract are that it has a maximum value of $96 million over six years, but the sixth year can be voided by the Rangers if Beltre doesn't reach a certain level of plate appearances in 2014 and 2015, or just 2015.

By landing Beltre, the Rangers get an offensive and defensive upgrade while simultaneously dealing a blow to the rival Angels, who were considered by many the favorites to land the third baseman. The Angels will now have to pick from in-house candidates Maicer Izturis, Alberto Callaspo, and Brandon Wood to fill the position.


Adrian Beltre, Rangers Agree To Contract, Pending Physical

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that Adrian Beltre was nearing an agreement with the Texas Rangers. Now, according to several reports, the contract is all but official.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Jeff Wilson says that Beltre is expected to fly into the area Tuesday night for a physical, after which everything should be peaches. The physical exam is always the last big step of any contract agreement, and in Beltre's case, there's no reason to believe that anything will go wrong.

Beltre's contract with the Rangers will be worth a maximum of $96 million over six years. However, it's actually a five-year contract with a sixth year that the Rangers may choose to void in the event that Beltre doesn't reach a certain number of plate appearances, so that makes the magnitude a little easier to swallow.

Beltre received offers from the Rangers, Angels, and A's over the course of the offseason, but Texas offered the most, which is the biggest reason why we are where we are. Beltre will take over at the hot corner for the foreseeable future, while Michael Young is expected to shift to DH, while picking up the occasional spot start around the infield.

Check out more on the story over at Lone Star Ball, where Rangers fans are celebrating a pretty substantial improvement.


Adrian Beltre, Rangers Nearing Five-Year Contract Agreement

The Adrian Beltre negotiations have gone back and forth, as the free agent has searched for a home. For a long time, the Angels were considered the favorites to bring him in. Then, on Sunday, reports emerged that he was nearing an agreement with the Rangers. The next day, other reports suggested that the Rangers weren't optimistic about signing Beltre. And now, on Tuesday, we're back to where we were on Sunday - rumor has it that Beltre and the Rangers are close to an agreement.

Yahoo!'s Tim Brown suggests that a contract could be finalized as early as today, and while Brown's source pegs it as a six-year deal, Jon Morosi hears that it will instead be a five-year contract with a vesting sixth-year option. Jon Heyman chimes in to say that the total value is expected to be somewhere in the $90 - 100 million range. In other words, it looks like the reports on Sunday were right on.

Current Rangers third baseman Michael Young said on Monday that he'd be willing to move to DH to accommodate Beltre, which would make this situation a lot easier for Texas. While Young would prefer to play the field, Beltre is the superior player both at the plate and with the glove, and Young would be shifting in to fill another need. In the event of a Beltre signing, Young would presumably still get occasional action around the infield as a substitute.

So, from the looks of things, this is really happening. Not only are the Rangers set to make a big upgrade - they're stealing that upgrade away from a division rival who's had a dire need. The 31-year-old Beltre batted .321 last season with a .919 OPS, and he is perhaps the best defensive third baseman in baseball.


Rangers Not Optimistic About Signing Adrian Beltre

On Sunday, rumors emerged from ESPN Deportes that the Rangers were close to reaching an agreement with Adrian Beltre. However, the team held a Monday press conference to discuss a number of things, and according to T.R. Sullivan, nothing appears to be close on the Beltre front.

Sullivan says that the Rangers officials were "not particularly optimistic" about the team's chances of signing the free agent third baseman. Additionally, while current third baseman Michael Young has been asked about a position change, he was less than receptive and expressed a reluctance to make another move.

So it's unclear where all of this stands. What we know is that the Rangers and Angels are interested in getting Beltre locked up. Certainly, nothing looks to be imminent, and even if the Rangers are hotly involved, they aren't as far along as ESPN suggested.

The Angels continue to look like the best fit for Beltre. Should the Rangers miss out, it's expected that they'll try to re-sign DH Vladimir Guerrero.


Adrian Beltre Nearing Agreement With Rangers, Says Report

Free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre has drawn interest from the A's. He's drawn interest from the Angels. But if Sunday's rumors are correct, he may soon be ending up in Texas.

Earlier Sunday, Jon Morosi tweeted that the Rangers and Beltre have been talking. And then later on, Enrique Rojas wrote up the following report for ESPN Deportes [poorly translated]:

ORLANDO - The Texas Rangers and the Dominican free agent Adrian Beltre are close to completing a multiyear deal, a source told ESPNdeportes.com.
"They are still talking, have not completed the details, but an agreement appears imminent," the source told ESPNdeportes.com. Another source said the contract probably will be for five years and an option for 2016.

We'll have to wait and see if anything comes out of this, but if the report is true, then it will be a boon for the Rangers and a big blow to the Angels. If they lose Beltre, the Angels will have missed out on top free agency targets Beltre and Carl Crawford. The Rangers, meanwhile, would upgrade both offensively and defensively, stealing a star player who has long seemed destined for Anaheim.

The reports have Beltre signing a five- or six-year contract worth $15-16 million per year. With Beltre at third, the Rangers would presumably shift Michael Young to DH, where he would take over for Vladimir Guerrero. The Angels, meanwhile, would be left with Brandon Wood, Maicer Izturis, and Alberto Callaspo as in-house options for the hot corner.

In a big bounceback year with the Red Sox, Beltre batted .321 last season with a .919 OPS and phenomenal defense. Stay tuned, as we should find out if he's headed to Texas before too long.


Adrian Beltre Receives Significant Contract Offer From Angels

The Angels began the offseason with a lot of money to spend, they have a need at third base, and they missed out on top priority Carl Crawford when he signed with the Red Sox.

Adrian Beltre is looking for a big contract, he doesn't have interest in playing for Oakland or Baltimore, he lives in southern California, and his desired return to Boston was blocked when the Red Sox traded for Adrian Gonzalez.

If that doesn't seem like a match made in heaven, I don't know what does, and sure enough, the Angels have now gotten themselves involved in the Beltre negotiations. According to Mike DiGiovanna, Angels owner Arte Moreno says the team has made a "significant offer" to Beltre, who is looking for a five-year contract worth at least $15 million per season. The terms of the Angels' offer aren't known, and Beltre hasn't accepted it, but the two seem like too good a fit for each other for this not to work out.

Beltre was arguably the AL's best third baseman last year, playing stellar defense while posting a .919 OPS. The Angels are looking for an upgrade on Alberto Callaspo, Brandon Wood, and Maicer Izturis, who are the current in-house options for the hot corner.


Adrian Beltre May Be A Target Of Rangers, According To Report

So far, it's been a difficult offseason for Adrian Beltre. The free agent third baseman is coming off a big year with the Red Sox, but his expressed desire to return to Boston will go unfulfilled because of the Adrian Gonzalez trade, and he does not want to play for the Oakland A's. Other big-time suitors have yet to emerge as Beltre waits the market out.

According to Buster Olney, though, that may now be changing. Olney says that the Rangers are "moving aggressively on Beltre," and while nothing is imminent, Texas could view him as a backup plan should Cliff Lee sign with the Yankees. Lee is obviously Plan A, but the Yankees are the favorites, and Beltre would make for a solid Plan B.

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that, while the Rangers are interested in Beltre, they aren't optimistic, so it's up to you to choose which report you believe. Worth noting is that a team interest in Beltre has been at the core of the Michael Young trade rumors. The Rangers know how good Beltre is, although it is unclear how they would make room without Young - or another infielder - first getting traded.

Expect pieces to start falling into place once Lee figures out where he's going.


Adrian Beltre Has Angels As Perfect Potential Destination

Free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre is looking to cash in on a monster season he had in Boston last year. Unfortunately for Beltre, while he expressed a desire to return to the Red Sox, they're all full, having traded for Adrian Gonzalez and signed Carl Crawford. However, there's good news: one suitor now stands out as the perfect place to land.

Adrian Beltre has been connected to the Angels for a while, now, as the Angels have the money, and Beltre has a home in the LA area. Complicating matters was that Beltre wanted to return to Boston while the Angels were focused on Crawford as their top priority, but with Boston all done and Crawford off the table, Beltre is left as a near-ideal silver medal for Anaheim.

The Angels are looking to both make an upgrade at third base and make a big splash, as they're known to have a good amount of spending money. And Beltre is looking for a long-term contract with a contending team. What better choice now than Anaheim, who has won the AL West in five of the last seven seasons? It's almost too perfect of a match.

Nothing is guaranteed, and Beltre could end up signing with any number of different teams. But the Angels have to be considered overwhelming favorites, now that Crawford's landed with Boston.


Adrian Beltre Reportedly Looking For Five-Year Contract

Adrian Beltre hasn't been able to get very far along in any free agent negotiations so far, but according to Ken Rosenthal, that hasn't deterred him and his agent from reaching high. Beltre is reportedly seeking out a five-year contract worth roughly $85 million, which would easily beat the five-year, $64 million contract he signed with Seattle in 2004.

The 31-year-old third baseman could be worth the money, as he features a strong bat and some of the best defense in the league. The real problem for Beltre is the current lack of suitors. Beltre expressed a desire to return to Boston, but he was blocked when the Red Sox traded for Adrian Gonzalez, putting Gonzalez at first base, Kevin Youkilis at third base, and David Ortiz at DH.

Additionally, the Oakland A's dropped out of the Beltre bidding when they realized Beltre wasn't very interested, and the Baltimore Orioles addressed their third base issue by trading for Mark Reynolds. Neither Oakland nor Baltimore were considered strong options, but they were options.

In a world where Jayson Werth can come out of nowhere to sign with the Nationals for seven years, anything's possible, and Beltre will end up finding a home, somewhere. The Angels currently look like his best bet. But right now, he looks like a long shot to sign any time soon.


Adrian Beltre Looking For Suitors As Red Sox, A's Drop Out

It's been an up-and-down weekend in the Adrian Beltre household. The free agent third baseman has expressed a desire to return to the Red Sox. However, the Adrian Gonzalez trade left him without a spot. Then the Adrian Gonzalez trade was jeopardized when the Red Sox and Gonzalez couldn't work out a contract extension. Then the Adrian Gonzalez trade was completed a few hours later.

So now, officially, the Red Sox no longer look like a fit for Beltre, as they have Gonzalez at first base, Kevin Youkilis at third base, and David Ortiz at DH. And the Oakland A's, who have shown strong interest in Beltre, have dropped out and turned their attention elsewhere, as Beltre apparently doesn't want to sign.

And so the question now becomes: where will Beltre go? The Baltimore Orioles are known to have interest and spending money, but the Orioles don't offer a very good situation. Beltre will probably hope to sign with the Angels, who are known to be interested as well, but the Angels are looking at Carl Crawford and, if they get him, may not have room for Beltre in the budget.


Adrian Beltre Hoping For Red Sox As Oakland A's Drop Out

Sunday has been a big day for free agent Adrian Beltre. Beltre wants to return to the Red Sox, but the Adrian Gonzalez trade left him without a spot. However, the Gonzalez trade is now in jeopardy as Gonzalez and the Red Sox failed to work out a contract extension, and if Gonzalez doesn't land in Boston, then the door is re-opened for Beltre to come back.

One place that Beltre won't end up? Oakland. According to Buster Olney, the A's are now looking at other players, as Beltre has consistently shown little interest in signing with the organization. He doesn't want to sign with the A's now, and he didn't want to sign with the A's as a free agent a year ago, despite interest from the team.

It makes sense, as Oakland doesn't look like a World Series contender and plays in a lousy stadium with poor fan support. Beltre's top priority is obviously the Red Sox. One must wonder what he would do if the Adrian Gonzalez trade still gets done, though. The Orioles are known to have interest in Beltre, but their situation isn't any better than Oakland's. The Angels still loom as a possibility.


Adrian Beltre May Be Able To Return To Red Sox After All

Late last week, free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre said that his preference was to return to the Red Sox, all things being equal. However, the Red Sox then put themselves on the verge of pulling off an Adrian Gonzalez trade, and with Gonzalez at first, Kevin Youkilis moving to third, and David Ortiz at DH, all of a sudden there was nowhere for Beltre to play.

But now there's good news for Beltre - the Gonzalez trade has reportedly fallen through, and while the deal isn't completely dead, it certainly looks as if the Red Sox will have to turn their attention elsewhere. And without Gonzalez, then a spot remains for Beltre to return.

We'll have to see how things develop on this front, as the Red Sox could elect to keep talking to the Padres. Beltre, though, hasn't gotten a lot of interest from teams other than the A's, and could make for an "easy" re-sign. He likes Boston, and Boston likes him.

It's expected that the Red Sox will also make a push to sign Jayson Werth.


Adrian Beltre No Longer A Fit For Red Sox; Could Turn To A's

Just recently, free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre expressed his desire to re-sign with the Red Sox. In Boston, Beltre put up big numbers in a bounceback year, and he particularly enjoyed the stadium atmosphere.

However, there's a problem - the Red Sox have now all but traded for Adrian Gonzalez. Once that deal is set, Gonzalez will take over at first base, and Kevin Youkilis will move over to third. With David Ortiz locked in as the designated hitter, all of a sudden there won't be any room left for Beltre.

While Boston likes Beltre as a player, they'd rather have Gonzalez, and so the trade will force Beltre to look elsewhere. His strongest suitor to date has been the Oakland A's, and they're the only team believed to have yet made an offer. By signing Beltre, the A's would upgrade from Kevin Kouzmanoff and a mediocre lineup. However, Beltre will presumably try to drum up interest from other teams as well, as he won't be in a hurry to commit to a team with little fan support and only marginal odds of contending for the playoffs.


Adrian Beltre Wants To Play For Red Sox, All Things Being Equal

A number of teams are interested in free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre, and there are reports that the Oakland A's have already offered him a five-year contract. However, if you talk to Beltre himself, he'll tell you that his desire is to return to Boston after signing with the Red Sox.

With the Red Sox, the 31-year-old had a fantastic year, batting .321 with 28 home runs and phenomenal defense. What's more is that he grew rather fond of the environment:

“I got used to seeing that park full in the first inning and still full in the ninth inning. I liked that atmosphere,’’ he said. “If everything was close to the same, I would go back to Boston. But we have to see. The number of years is what is important to me.’’

Beltre had previously spent his entire career with Los Angeles - where fans show up for about six innings a game - and Seattle - where the stadium's often half-empty. If he's a big fan of crowds, he'd be better off signing with Boston than Oakland, which has some of the worst fan support in the league.

The degree of Boston's interest is unclear, as they're currently involved with Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth. They would love to have Beltre back, though, and it appears that, if they come up with a competitive offer, Beltre will be inclined to take it. Boston's become familiar, Beltre's made a lot of friends, the stadium suits him, the environment is electric, and the team is a perennial contender. It's the ideal situation for almost any player, and Beltre is no exception.


Report: Adrian Beltre Offered $64 Million By Oakland

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, we noted that Adrian Beltre may have been offered a five-year, $45 million contract by the Oakland A's. That was according to one Spanish-language report.

Now ESPN's Enrique Rojas checks in to say that, according to his source, Oakland's offer is actually worth $64 million, rather than $45 million. And, as you can imagine, that changes the picture quite a bit.

A $64 million, five-year contract offer is very substantial, especially for a first volley. It's the exact same contract that Beltre wound up signing with Seattle following his monster 2004 season that saw him hit 48 home runs. It would lock Beltre up through his age-36 season and compensate him well into the twilight of his career, which is the sort of thing Beltre's looking for.

What we'll have to see now is how other interested teams respond. Some suitors may balk at Oakland's price and drop out. Others may ante up. And if the Red Sox or another contender offer something similar, it will be interesting to see if Beltre takes that offer instead, as the veteran has only once appeared in the playoffs and hasn't won a World Series.


Adrian Beltre Gets Offer From A's As Red Sox Check In

Adrian Beltre hasn't been a free agent for very long, but already, according to his agent, he's drawn a ton of interest from a ton of teams. And it would appear that the Oakland A's have stepped up to make the first formal offer, putting together - according to one Spanish-language report - a five-year proposal worth $45 million.

Beltre won't accept this offer without hearing out the remaining teams, but this is interesting as a starting point. Also interesting is that it's just another display of Oakland's aggressiveness, as they've already won the bidding for Japanese starter Hisashi Iwakuma, grabbed Edwin Encarnacion off the waiver wire, and traded for David DeJesus. It's evident that Billy Beane doesn't think his team is very far away, and Beltre could be a big part of Oakland's future success.

Another report says that the Red Sox will not exceed four years and $52 million for Beltre. If that's true, and if reports of Oakland's offer are true, then Beltre could ultimately end up having to choose between maximum contract duration and maximum playoff odds.


Free Agent Adrian Beltre Interests Angels, Red Sox, Many Others

After playing out a long contract in Seattle, Adrian Beltre signed a one-year deal with Boston to re-establish his value. And re-establish his value he did, as he batted .321 with a .553 slugging percentage and the same otherworldly defense as usual. Beltre is now back on the free agent market, and rather unsurprisingly, the 31-year-old third baseman is drawing a ton of early interest.

Jon Heyman reports that as many as 12 different teams are interested in the flashy infielder. He takes care to note that the Orioles have heavy interest, but the teams most strongly linked to Beltre so far have been the Red Sox and the Angels. The Red Sox would love to have Beltre back where he was, and they have to money to afford him. Meanwhile, the Angels play in southern California - an area Beltre loves - and also have both the money and the need, as they don't want to hand the starting third base job to Brandon Wood, Alberto Callaspo, or Maicer Izturis.

This is a situation to watch, as agent Scott Boras says there's more interest in Beltre than he's ever had in any client. Beltre may very well end up being the first big-time player to sign a contract, should the right offer present itself soon. The Angels are considered by many to be the favorites.

Beltre's .919 OPS ranked him fifth in the American League last season. He also drove in 100 runs for the first time since his extraordinary 2004 in Los Angeles.

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