NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Carl Crawford ##13 of the Tampa Bay Rays grounds out in the first-inning against the New York Yankees on September 23 2010 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Angels Stand As Favorites To Sign Carl Crawford

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Carl Crawford And Angels Looking Like Perfect Match

Free agent outfielder Carl Crawford and his agent had an extending meeting with the Yankees on Tuesday, with the team presumably expressing its interest in bringing Crawford to New York. However, the buzz around the game is that Crawford is almost certain to sign with the Angels.

The Angels have a lot of money to spend this offseason, and have been linked to Crawford, Rafael Soriano, Adrian Beltre, and Cliff Lee. That said, they have made Crawford their top priority, and one source said that, in talking with Angels people, he was shocked by "how confident they were" when talking about Crawford signing.

The question, as always, is one of contract magnitude, as the Angels may be reluctant to give in to Crawford's high demands. The athletic 29-year-old outfielder has drawn interest from the Rangers, Yankees, and Red Sox as well, and is not starved for suitors. But then, the Angels like to spend, their owner was disappointed by a poor 2010 season, and they have the roster need, as Crawford could play alongside Torii Hunter and Peter Bourjos in the outfield, with Bobby Abreu shifting to DH.

Crawford isn't about to sign a contract immediately, but the Angels definitely look like his best bet. If that signing does happen, the Angels then may not have the money to sign any other high-profile free agents.


Carl Crawford Meets With Yankees For Extended Period

One would figure that the Yankees would be all preoccupied with the Cliff Lee negotiations, but that isn't the case - late Tuesday, the team and Carl Crawford's posse got together for an extended meeting.

Just what they discussed is unclear, but one figures that the Yankees were expressing their interest in the 29-year-old free agent outfielder. While Crawford's market is developing, the Tigers and the Red Sox are probably out, and the Yankees may have an opportunity to jump in.

Crawford is thought to be the number one priority for the Angels, who had had Torii Hunter do some recruiting on the organization's behalf, and so the Yankees will have competition if they choose to get involved. It's also unclear if they'd have the ability to sign Crawford if they signed Lee first. If they miss out on Lee, though, they could make a very strong push, and even if they get Lee, it's possible that they could make room by trading an outfielder.


Carl Crawford May Have Lost Tigers As Free Agent Suitor

As the top free agent position player on the market, Carl Crawford continues to look for a new home. The athletic 29-year-old outfielder is coming off a year in which he put up an .851 OPS and 47 steals, and he and his agent are searching for a very long contract.

The extent of Crawford's demands have already likely pushed the Red Sox out of contention, as they're focused more on signing Adrian Gonzalez to a long-term contract and already have a lot of money tied up in guys like Josh Beckett and John Lackey. And now it seems another Crawford suitor is dropping out as well, as the Detroit Tigers are presently backing away.

The Tigers weren't considered a favorite for Crawford at any point, but they were paying attention from the sidelines as they're in the market for an upgrade to an outfield that currently only features Austin Jackson as a capable everyday starter. The team now isn't interested unless Crawford's demands come down, which they may never do.

The Angels remain a strong possibility for Crawford. Other teams, like the Yankees and Rangers, are also keeping a close watch on the star player.


Carl Crawford No Longer A Good Fit For Red Sox

Free agent Carl Crawford has generated a ton of interest, to no one's surprise, as the 29-year-old entered the market at his peak. According to Ken Rosenthal, though, while plenty of elite-level teams are looking at Crawford as a potential solution, he is no longer a great possibility for the Red Sox.

On the heels of the Adrian Gonzalez trade, the Red Sox will be looking to sign Gonzalez to a huge extension, and they do not plan on having the budget room to add another player of Crawford's caliber. It's certainly possible, of course, but after Jayson Werth signed with the Nationals for seven years and $126 million, Crawford's contract demands may have been driven too high. Crawford is known to be seeking an eight-year contract, and if Werth can get seven and $18 million per, Crawford will be less likely to settle.

The Red Sox have big money tied up in several long-term contracts. Aside from the contract they're expected to give to Gonzalez, they already have $75 million tied up in 2012 payroll, with John Lackey and Josh Beckett looking like expensive mistakes.


Carl Crawford A Free Agent Possibility For Rangers, Too

A number of teams are known to have some degree of interest in free agent outfielder Carl Crawford, including the Angels, Red Sox, Yankees, and Tigers. Now, according to Jon Heyman, you can add another team to the list - the Texas Rangers.

The Rangers currently have Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, David Murphy, and Julio Borbon in the outfield, but a Crawford/Hamilton/Cruz trio would make for the best outfield in baseball. Helping their case is that Crawford was born in Houston, and sure enough, Heyman says Crawford has the Rangers high on his own list, too.

The Rangers and Yankees, of course, are currently battling it out for free agent ace Cliff Lee. While the winner isn't expected to make any other big splashes, the loser could then chase hard after Crawford. For that reason, Crawford isn't expected to sign with anybody until Lee has a new home.


Carl Crawford Involved In Free Agency Talks With Yankees

Carl Crawford is being most heavily pursued by the Red Sox and Angels, while the Yankees have their sights set on lefty ace Cliff Lee. However, don't let that trick you into believing that the Yankees don't have eyes for the outfielder, too, and Buster Olney has confirmed that the Yankees and Crawford have indeed been in contact.

What's unknown is the degree of New York's interest. It's possible that they could have room for both Crawford and Lee - the two jewels of the offseason - but the more likely situation is that they see Crawford as a backup in case Lee returns to the Rangers. In that event, the Yankees wouldn't want Crawford to sign with anyone until Lee's off the market.

The Yankees outfield is currently full, with Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson, and Nick Swisher, and were Crawford to sign, one of them would have to be shipped away.

While Lee is probably the best player available among free agents, it's the 29-year-old Crawford who should end up receiving the biggest contract.


Free Agent Carl Crawford Meeting With Red Sox

Word has it that free agent outfielder Carl Crawford is seeking an eight-year contract. He's probably not going to get a deal quite that long, but he's still drawing significant interest, and in fact he and his representatives have recently been meeting with the Red Sox in Houston in an effort to size each other up and maybe hammer out an offer.

The Red Sox' current owners have never given out a bigger contract to a position player than the five-year, $70 million deal they gave to J.D. Drew, and while Crawford is in his physical peak, the Red Sox won't feel compelled to pay him for most of the next decade. Yet they can probably outspend the Angels - Crawford's other top suitor - and provided nobody else comes offering eight years, that demand shouldn't be much of a stumbling block.

If the Red Sox are able to sign Crawford, he will give them an enormous boost as they aim to return to the playoffs. In the event that they miss, it's probable they'll turn their attention to free agent outfielder Jayson Werth.


Free Agent Carl Crawford Seeking Eight-Year Contract

Free agent outfielder Carl Crawford has drawn heavy interest from a few teams, like the Angels and Red Sox, but may wait to sign until Cliff Lee is off the market so as to give the Rangers or Yankees an opportunity to get involved. That's one reason the Crawford sweepstakes may move slowly. Another reason? Crawford wants a really big contract.

According to the Boston Herald's Michael Silverman, the 29-year-old Crawford is looking to sign an eight-year contract that would lock him up at big money through 2018. Whether he gets that contract, of course, remains to be seen, but in an offseason that's already seen teams throwing a lot of money around and Troy Tulowitzki get signed through 2020, it isn't an impossible dream. Crawford's an athletic outfielder in the prime of his career, and he's going to want a lot of security.

The Angels and Red Sox are Crawford's two top suitors, and Torii Hunter's already been busy recruiting the speedy outfielder. It is worth noting that this Red Sox ownership group has never given out a bigger contract to a position player than the five-year, $70 million deal they gave to J.D. Drew, although they did offer eight years to Mark Teixeira before he signed with the Yankees.

Stay tuned, as Crawford looks to sign the longest contract of the winter.


Carl Crawford May Wait On Cliff Lee Before Signing Own Contract

Carl Crawford is one of the premier free agents on the market, and arguably the best of all the position players. But it seems he may wait to do anything until the true star of the offseason - Cliff Lee - makes a decision on where he's going to go.

Crawford has already drawn significant interest from both the Angels and the Red Sox. Lee, however, has the full attention of both the Rangers and the Yankees, and, obviously, only one of them can get him. The loser will be left searching for other options, and it's possible that Texas or New York could then end up getting involved with Crawford as well. That would only introduce another big-money team to the sweepstakes, which would work out in Crawford's favor.

The likelihood remains that Crawford will sign with either the Red Sox or the Angels. At the very least, though, he could have his price driven up by the Rangers or the Yankees, and for that reason it may be in his best interests to wait.


Carl Crawford Will Be Angels' Top Offseason Priority

The offseason is officially underway, and the top position player on the free agent market is probably ex-Rays outfielder Carl Crawford. There's long been an expectation that Crawford will be heavily pursued by both the Red Sox and the Angels, among others, and Wednesday the Los Angeles Times confirmed the degree of the Angels' interest:

The Angels have identified Crawford as their primary target in free agency, and they are prepared to make the left fielder the first $100-million player in club history.

Though there's no guarantee that Crawford ends up in southern California, the fit would be an excellent one, as he could play alongside Peter Bourjos and Torii Hunter in the outfield, with Bobby Abreu shifting to DH. Crawford and his flashy, dynamic style of play fits the Angels mold, and Mike Scioscia would absolutely love him.

Hunter, for his part, supports the idea, going so far as to say that the Angels "need" Crawford's presence. He and Crawford speak regularly, and it's clear that there's going to be some recruiting going on.

We'll see how this one develops, and it's unlikely to resolve itself quickly, as the Red Sox also have money to spend, and the Yankees may reconsider their position in the event that negotiations go poorly with Cliff Lee.


Carl Crawford To Draw Interest From Red Sox, Angels As Free Agent

Outfielder Carl Crawford spent a long time in Tampa Bay. Drafted in 1999, he made his Major League debut in 2002 and stuck around for nine years, amassing 1,480 hits and 409 stolen bases. He developed into one of the league's top all-around outfielders and played a critical role in the Rays' playoff runs in 2008 and 2010.

However, a long-term contract that Crawford signed with the Rays in April of 2005 has expired, and the 29 year old is now a free agent. And he's not just a free agent - he's arguably the top free agent position player on the market.

As such, Crawford is sure to command a lot of interest, and the teams at the top of the list are the Red Sox and Angels. The Red Sox have money to spend and a desire to land an impact player following disappointing showings by Mike Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury. And the Angels also have money to spend, and a hole in the lineup left by the departing Hideki Matsui. By shifting Bobby Abreu to DH, they would have an opening in the outfield.

Other teams that may show significant interest are the Tigers and the Giants. One team that isn't likely to get caught up in the bidding, though, is the Yankees, as they're content with the development of Brett Gardner and are focused on looking for pitching. The situation with the Yankees could always change at the drop of a hat, but for the time being, it doesn't look like they'll be involved.

Crawford has batted .297 over the past three years, with 132 steals, a .454 slugging percentage, and phenomenal defense.

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