Zack Greinke Changes Agents, Reportedly Requests Trade

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Zack Greinke Requests Trade From Royals, Says Report

Now that Cliff Lee is off the board, the rest of the pitching pieces should start falling into place. Carl Pavano. Matt Garza. And Zack Greinke. The Zack Greinke trade rumors died down for a little while there as the Royals had reportedly placed too high a price tag on their young ace, but according to Jon Morosi, things may be on the verge of heating back up.

For one thing, Greinke switched his agent on Friday. His representation has changed from SFX to CAA, and he is now represented by Jeff Barry and Casey Close - who recently became well-known for being Derek Jeter's agent. CAA took care of Roy Halladay a year ago when he was traded from the Blue Jays to the Phillies.

More significantly, though, there's this:

...a high-ranking executive from another team told, “He really wants out of K.C.” Separate major-league sources confirmed that Greinke has unequivocally asked the Royals to be traded.

Greinke has been with the Royals for his entire career and he's never seen a winning season. The losing has eaten at him, and he's now apparently grown sufficiently frustrated to ask his way out. And while he has a no-trade clause that allows him to block a deal to 15 teams, it's likely that he would waive it for the chance to play somewhere else.

Greinke is due to earn $13.5 million in 2011 and $13.5 million in 2012 before becoming a free agent. After winning the AL Cy Young in 2009, his ERA shot up to 4.17 this past season, but many believe that his numbers would bounce back on a more competitive ballclub. Look for the Rangers and Nationals to become heavily involved in discussions with Kansas City as trade talks heat up for the hard-throwing ace. While the Royals have asked for the moon in return, it's possible that they could lower their demands to accommodate Greinke's alleged request.


Zack Greinke Trade Not A Good Fit For Yankees, Rangers

As the world waits on Cliff Lee to pick his home, Zack Greinke trade rumors continue to float around, as Greinke stands as the second-best pitcher on the market. And interestingly, while the Rangers and Yankees are the favorites to land Lee, Jerry Crasnick reports that neither one of them looks like a good bet to fall back on Greinke should their Lee pursuit come up short.

The Royals are in search of up-the-middle prospects, and neither team is a great fit. The Rangers don't have a whole lot of available youth at catcher, center field, or the middle infield, with their prospects still being many levels away from the Majors.

And the Yankees - while in a better position than the Rangers - still don't seem to have what the Royals would be looking for, as talks to date have failed to wow Kansas City general manager Dayton Moore. It's worth noting that Joel Sherman doesn't see Greinke as a great fit for New York anyway because of his anxiety issues, which only complicate matters even further. Greinke's never seemed like a realistic Plan B for the Yankees.

While there's no guarantee that Greinke gets moved, the teams that right now look like the strongest possibilities to get him are the Blue Jays and Nationals. The Blue Jays look to have the best selection of available youth, and could make a real strong push if Moore lowers his asking price just a little bit.


Zack Greinke Being Pursued In Trade By Nationals, Others

The Washington Nationals came into the offseason looking to make a splash, and kicked things off last weekend by signing Jayson Werth to a seven-year contract. The team didn't intend to stop there, though, checking in on Cliff Lee before reportedly dropping out.

If the Nationals are indeed out on Lee, though, that doesn't mean they're done trying to make headlines, as Ed Price is reporting that they're making an aggressive push for Zack Greinke.

The Zack Greinke trade rumors have been swirling for a few weeks, and a lot of teams seem to be treating him as a Cliff Lee backup, as Greinke is the second-best pitcher on the market. And it would make sense for the Nationals to get involved, given that they're an unlikely Lee destination, but also given that they have the young resources necessary to land Greinke from the Royals in a deal.

According to Ken Rosenthal, five teams are in serious pursuit of Greinke, while another three are hanging around. In any trade, the Royals are looking to get help both on the mound and up the middle.


Zack Greinke Price Tag Presently Too High For Trade

In an offseason with only one ace free agent in Cliff Lee, a young Royals frontliner has commanded a lot of attention. There have been Zack Greinke trade rumors blowing for a few weeks, now, as teams look for alternatives to the expensive veteran Lee.

However, the Royals have affixed a sky-high price tag to Greinke, and according to Buster Olney, that price hasn't yet come down. And the price is at such a level that the Blue Jays - who have a lot of interest in making a push for Greinke - aren't willing to consider pulling the trigger on anything.

What the Royals are probably doing is waiting around until Lee has signed with either Texas or New York. At that point, Greinke will likely be the only high-level pitcher on the market, and teams may be more willing to give away more - especially if and when Texas or New York get involved in the conversation. If other teams show a greater urgency after Lee's off the market, and if the Royals lower their asking price just a little bit, then we could very well see Greinke find himself a new home within months, if not weeks.


Zack Greinke No-Trade Clause May Not Be A Factor

The Kansas City Royals are bad, Cliff Lee is the only ace-level starter on the market, and Zack Greinke is locked up to an affordable contract for another two years. Not surprisingly, the Zack Greinke trade rumors have been flowing fast and furious already this offseason.

One complication is that built into Greinke's contract with the Royals is a limited no-trade clause. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Blue Jays - who are interested in Greinke - are on the list, while the Rangers - who are also interested in Greinke - are not. That would seem to make a deal with Texas more likely than a deal with Toronto.

However, no-trade clauses can be waived by the player, and as Rosenthal writes:

Greinke, sources say, has told the Royals that he is willing “to go anywhere.”

Whether this statement is accurate is up in the air, but Greinke wants to win, and it's unlikely that he would refuse a trade away from Kansas City to anyone with even moderate hopes of contending.


Zack Greinke Trade Rumors Swirl As Blue Jays Make Push

The 27-year-old Zack Greinke is under contract for another two seasons, and the Royals have no need to send their ace away. But in a thin pitching market, the Greinke rumors are blowing all around, and the latest team to get involved is the Blue Jays.

The Jays, it seems, feel they're one major piece away from being able to contend in the AL East next season, and Greinke fits the mold. He would not come cheaply, and a return package could include top youngsters Kyle Drabek and Travis Snider, but talents like Greinke don't come around very often, and behind Cliff Lee, he's the best pitcher on the market.

The Rangers have shown a lot of interest in Greinke as well, and could step up their pursuit no matter what happens with Lee. They could get Greinke as a Lee substitute, or they could get Greinke to join Lee at the front of a dominant rotation. Other teams to express interest to Royals GM Dayton Moore include the Twins, Braves, Reds, Mariners, and Nationals, but those talks aren't very far along.


Royals Would Not Trade Zack Greinke To AL Central Division Rival

The Zack Greinke trade rumors aren't yet out in full force, but there have been whispers. With no clear top-of-the-line starter available on the market outside of Cliff Lee, Greinke's name has come up as a possible backup plan for both the Rangers and the Yankees, among others.

Four teams whose names won't come up? The Tigers, Indians, Twins, and White Sox. According to Jon Heyman, at least, the Royals will not consider trading Greinke to another AL Central division rival, because they don't want to have to see him again a bunch of times after he's dealt.

No other teams in the AL Central have been considered strong possibilities to land Greinke anyway, so this update doesn't really change things very much. If the Yankees sign Lee, expect to see the Rangers ramp up their efforts to land the 27-year-old righty. If the Rangers sign Lee, expect the Yankees to at least give it a shot, even though there are conflicting reports on whether Greinke would even be willing to play in New York.


Zack Greinke Could Be Traded To Yankees? Rumors Say 'Maybe'

The New York Yankees are reportedly interested in Zack Greinke, despite the common misperception that playing in a major media market would be a deterrent because it might exacerbate his anxiety disorder. Greinke has been receiving treatment for the anxiety. (And that's not exactly how anxiety disorders work, as the fact that he had a breakdown while with the Royals should indicate.) Kansas City and New York are talking about a deal for the pitcher.

"I wouldn't put it past him to go to New York," the source said. "I don't think he'd rule out anybody. He says he likes New York. Especially because they're winners. He wants to go to a team that wins." ...

Because of the no-trade clause, Greinke has been linked exclusively with teams that operate in mild media markets similar to Kansas City's -- namely the Texas Rangers and Minnesota Twins. The Royals have continued to talk about Greinke with the Yankees, according to a source, knowing that the no-trade clause isn’t the impediment it's been made out to be.

Despite the last sentence there, it doesn't sound as though anything with Greinke is imminent. In fact, he could simply be a backup plan in the Bronx, in case the Cliff Lee negotiations don't produce a deal. (Though, this being the Yankees, there's technically nothing to keep them from signing both.) And there are still skeptics, like the national baseball writer for the Boston Globe.

My Zack Greinke source indicates there's no way he'd play in New Yorkless than a minute ago via web


Since the start of the 2007 season, Greinke has a 3.32 ERA (132 ERA+) and is averaging more than eight strikeouts per nine innings, though his ERA dipped to 4.17 (100 ERA+) last year. Greinke posted his first losing record since 2005.

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