ARLINGTON TX - NOVEMBER 01: Michael Young #10 of the Texas Rangers hits a single off starting pitcher Tim Lincecum #55 of the San Francisco Giants in the fifth inning of Game Five of the 2010 MLB World Series at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on November 1 2010 in Arlington Texas. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Rangers Running Out Of Time To Trade Michael Young

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Michael Young Trade From Rangers Looking Increasingly Unlikely

Michael Young might want out of Texas, and there's been no shortage of trade rumors surrounding him and the Rangers. However, none of those trade rumors have come to fruition, and at this point the chances of a deal are looking pretty slim. Says Jeff Wilson:

#Rangers don't expect to be able to move Michael Young, a source says. Teams have inquired but feel set heading to spring camp.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android

T.R. Sullivan agrees with Wilson, writing that "the chance of Michael Young being traded [is] not good." The will is there, and plenty of teams have some degree of interest in taking on the disgruntled veteran, but the cost is proving too big of a hurdle. Other teams want the Rangers to eat much of the $48 million remaining on Young's contract, while the Rangers are holding out for a quality return. The Rockies are reportedly out of the race, and for some time they've looked like Young's most probable destination.

And so we're left facing the possibility that Young spends the season in Texas after throwing a fit and accusing the front office of lying. General manager Jon Daniels says that any trade would most likely happen before the team's first full-squad workout next Saturday, and that doesn't give him much time to work. That's awkward.

But this is what can happen when an overpaid player requests a trade. Young's been a leader much of his career and knows how to say all the right things, but in the event that he ends up sticking with Texas, there's going to be heat and media pressure on him from all sides. Needless to say, this isn't how anyone involved wanted to kick off a potential championship season.


Michael Young Trade Rumors: Rockies Lose Interest; Rangers May Be Out Of Options

We know that Michael Young has requested a trade from the Rangers. We know that the Rockies have had significant interest, and we know that the Rockies are also one of the eight teams not included on Young's partial no-trade list. If ever a team were going to trade for the unhappy 34-year-old veteran, it looked like it would be Colorado. Which means this news comes as a surprise:

Hearing this: A Major league source says Rockies are out on Young. Not sure if can be revived. But Rockies appear out on Young

Renck - writer for the Denver Post - goes on to Tweet that the Rockies "can't make it work," and that negotiations have been complicated by money and the Rangers' changing demands. The Rockies wanted the Rangers to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million of the $48 million remaining on Young's contract, which the Rangers don't want to do. And the Rangers have also apparently upped their asking price now that few bats remain on the market who could replace Young in the lineup. As you can imagine, that makes things difficult.

So, at least for now, the Rockies seem to be out. The Cardinals say they're not interested. The Twins aren't going to make a push. Of the eight, that leaves the Yankees, Padres, Astros, Angels, and Dodgers as possibilities, but nothing seems to be close. At this point, Young sticking with the Rangers is a very good and very awkward possibility.


Michael Young Feels 'Misled And Manipulated', Wants Trade From Rangers

Earlier Monday, the Rangers' front office confirmed for the media that veteran Michael Young had requested a trade. Later Monday, Young spoke with the media himself, and said some brutally honest things in explaining why he did what he did:

"Now, I think it's important to address the inaccurate portrayal that is being painted. The suggestion that I've simply had a change of heart and asked for a trade is a manipulation of the truth."

"I want to be traded because I've been misled and manipulated and I'm sick of it," Young added.

We don't know exactly why Young feels this way; neither he nor the organization are willing to talk about how things have unfolded. But it's clear that Young was less than thrilled about the acquisition of Adrian Beltre and the continued talk about how the Rangers were after another bat (that wound up being Mike Napoli). Young felt he was being disrespected, and so he wants out.

From here, we'll have to see how things develop. The Rangers will try to move Young, and they're willing to trade within the division provided the deal makes them better. However, one issue is that the team doesn't want to eat too much of Young's contract, and another issue is that Young can block trades to all but eight teams in the league. T.R. Sullivan has the group of teams not covered by Young's no-trade clause:

Sources have confirmed the following are the eight teams on Michael Young's list of where he is willing to go.

Cardinals, Yankees, Twins, Astros, Rockies, Dodgers, Angels, Padres

Young says he's only interested in joining one of those eight, so those are the teams with which the Rangers are dealing. The Rockies - long considered Young's most probable destination - are still in play.


Michael Young Trade Request Confirmed By Rangers GM

Earlier, there were rumors that Michael Young had requested a trade from the Rangers. And now, courtesy of Jon Heyman, we've got confirmation. Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels has said that Young wants out, and that while "it's not [their] first choice," they'll try to accommodate Young's wishes.

It is worth noting that neither Daniels nor Nolan Ryan gave off the impression that a trade is on the verge of happening. Just because Young had a change of heart and wants out doesn't guarantee that the Rangers will find a partner willing to absorb most of his contract. Another potential hurdle is that Young's partial no-trade clause covers all but eight teams, although he could always choose to waive it.

So we'll see. Michael Young - face of the Rangers' franchise - no longer wants to play for the Rangers, and has requested a trade for the second time in two years. It's quite the change from what he said just last month:

For Young, the desire to remain with the Rangers is a larger factor than the desire to have things his own way.

"This is where I want to play," he said Wednesday in a teleconference. "I'm willing to make a pretty big sacrifice to do that."

Either Young'll get dealt, and things will be weird, or he won't get dealt, and things will be weirder.


Michael Young Requests Trade From Rangers, According To Report

All those Michael Young trade rumors that've been blowing around off and on for the past couple months have reached a new level of intensity, according to the Star-Telegram's Jeff Wilson:

Young informed the Rangers last week that he doesn't want to be a full-time designated hitter, baseball sources said Sunday, and wants to be traded.

Wilson goes on to write that the Rangers "have no plans to trade Young," but Yahoo!'s Tim Brown hears differently:

The Texas Rangers have told infielder Michael Young they will attempt to trade him in the coming days, according to a source familiar with those conversations, in part because Young has grown disillusioned with his diminished role on the team.

We can't know just how the Rangers are going to handle this delicate situation, but what's becoming increasingly evident is that Young isn't real thrilled with the way the offseason has gone. And if Young is already upset and voicing his displeasure, then that would make it easier - not easy, but easier - for the Rangers to trade him away. Rob Neyer said his piece on the matter earlier Monday morning.

If the Rangers are to move Young, they'll probably try to do it quickly, before Spring Training gets underway. The favorite to land Young, as always, is Colorado, but the Rockies would need Texas to eat a chunk of Young's salary, which could prove to be a hurdle. Ultimately, Young may end up staying right where he is.


Michael Young Trade Rumors Once Again Connect Rangers, Rockies

It seems this is the story that doesn't want to end. About a week ago, Nolan Ryan declared that Michael Young would be the Rangers' Opening Day DH. One would think such a statement would be final, but then Ken Rosenthal came flying in out of left field and wrote the following:

The Rangers again are discussing a trade of Young to the Rockies – and according to one source, the talks have reached an advanced stage, and a deal could be in place as soon as Monday.

Now, Rosenthal goes on to write that, according to other sources, the Rangers are sending mixed messages. And Troy Renck writes that, according to a well-placed source, the Rockies and Rangers haven't yet re-opened discussions. But what's clear is that these rumors aren't quite as dead as Ryan suggested, as the Rockies like Young as a possibility, and the Rangers would like to shed as much of his contract as they can.

Following Renck's Twitter account, he thinks the Rangers would have to eat about $20 million of the $48 million remaining on Young's contract for a trade to go down. He also thinks that any trade would involve Jose Lopez, and no big league pitching. And finally, he thinks that a trade is a good possibility, as there's "motivation from a lot of parties." So while a deal isn't a slam dunk, it's a fit. There's a reason why these rumors are still kicking.

Young is currently in line to get the bulk of the Rangers' at bats at DH, but the acquisition of Mike Napoli could cut into his playing time. With the Rockies, he would serve as the regular second baseman. Young stands to acquire 10/5 rights in May - when he will have amassed ten years of big league service time - giving him full no-trade protection. So if a trade is to happen, the Rangers will want it to happen soon.


Michael Young Trade Rumors Squashed By Nolan Ryan

The Michael Young trade rumors started making headlines back in December. And that was before the Rangers made some of their moves. Since then, the team has signed Adrian Beltre to serve as the everyday third baseman, and it's also traded for Mike Napoli, a powerful righty who'll get time at catcher, first base, and DH. Based on the roster situation, it would seem that Young is an even better candidate to get traded now than he used to be. But Nolan Ryan doesn't want you thinking like that:

“[Young] is going to be our DH on opening day,” Ryan said at a luncheon for the Round Rock Express on Thursday.

Ryan said he expected about 80 percent of Young’s starts to come at designated hitter. He said Young provides the Rangers flexibility that other teams would love to have.

The 34-year-old Young is due $16 million over each of the next three seasons, making him pretty expensive for a guy without a clear defined role. But he means a lot to the Rangers, and the team wants to keep him around and get him playing as often as he can. At least in the short term, if Napoli gets the bulk of his time at first or behind the plate, then Young should still have an opportunity to play often as the designated hitter. He will also be used around the infield as needed.


Michael Young Still Being Discussed As Trade Candidate

Seemingly out of nowhere, Michael Young trade rumors popped up late on Tuesday. Those rumors were shot down when a source said the Rangers had told Young he wouldn't be traded. However, Jon Morosi reports that discussions are still going strong.

The Rangers, Morosi says, are sending teams mixed messages regarding their intent. Despite the report that they told Young he wasn't going anywhere, the team has continued to talk with interested ballclubs, with the Rockies standing out as the most likely of the options. The Rockies would use Young at second base, where he hasn't played regularly since 2003.

Young has a limited no-trade clause that lets him decline a trade to all but eight teams. The Rockies are among those select eight, as are the Angels.

The reason the Rangers would be open to trading Young is because he's under contract for another three seasons at $16 million each, and the 34-year-old is an unsteady defensive player set to decline at the plate.


Michael Young Trade Rumors Come To Screeching Halt

On Tuesday, seemingly out of nowhere, we caught wind of some developing Michael Young trade rumors. While team president Nolan Ryan shot the idea down, later on there was talk that the Rangers and Rockies were having conversations about the veteran infielder.

But you can forget about anything happening here, as the Rangers have told Young he will not be traded. It's one thing to tell the press that you're not shopping a guy, but it's quite another to straight-up tell that guy that he's not going to be dealt. For the Rangers to go back on their word now would be pretty low.

Young is an established supporting hitter, but he is 34 years old and under contract for three more seasons at $16 million per.


Michael Young Trade Rumors Include Rockies

On an otherwise fairly slow Tuesday at the Winter Meetings, we were greeted late by the emergence of some Michael Young trade rumors coming out of Texas. Team president Nolan Ryan predictably shot them down, saying that the Rangers were listening but were by no means shopping their third baseman, but now there are reports that something could be in the works.

According to Evan Grant, the Rangers are currently involved in discussions with the Colorado Rockies. The discussions are centered around sending Young to Denver, where he would fill some as yet undetermined role in an infield that's recently added both Jose Lopez and Ty Wigginton. Young is under contract for another three seasons and $48 million, and the Rangers would presumably have to eat some money in a trade, but they could still come away with some savings.

And, says Grant, those savings could be put towards signing free agent Adrian Beltre to a long-term contract. Beltre is available and looking for suitors, and looks like a fit for the Angels, but the Rangers would love to have him and Beltre would certainly be interested in playing for a competitive team in a hitter-friendly ballpark.

Stay tuned. Right now, things are only in the talking stages, and no deal is imminent, but there's a chance this could come together real quick.


Michael Young Not On Trade Block, Says Nolan Ryan

Tuesday evening, the baseball world caught wind of some developing Michael Young trade rumors, as it seemed possible the Rangers might be looking to shed some payroll. However, there's a very big difference between listening to offers for a player and actively trying to move that player, and team president Nolan Ryan has stated that the Rangers are most definitely not shopping Young around.

Michael Young's name has come up in conversations between the Rangers and other teams, but his name was not brought up by Rangers general manager Jon Daniels. And that's only natural, as pretty much every player in baseball ends up getting discussed in one way or another at the Winter Meetings. There's no sense in making anyone untouchable, as a front office should always be open to offers, but at the same time, listening to offers isn't the same as looking to trade.

It would make sense for the Rangers to consider moving Young, as he's signed to an expensive long-term contract and is on the wrong side of 30, but it's a lot more complicated than that. Young has off-the-field significance to the local area, and besides, he is a worse player than third baseman Adrian Beltre, who is currently available as a free agent. Young could be moved, but such a transaction should be considered highly unlikely.


Michael Young Trade Rumors Pop Up As Rangers Explore Options

The Texas Rangers are a known strong suitor of Cliff Lee, and they have interest in big-name targets like Carl Crawford and Zack Greinke as well. Now, according to Ken Rosenthal, their offseason is growing even more complex, as they're currently fielding calls for Michael Young.

The 34-year-old Young is regarded by some as the face of the Rangers franchise, a guy who's been with the team since debuting in 2000. However, the Rangers are willing to listen to trade offers anyway, possibly considering the idea of clearing some payroll.

Young is under contract for each of the next three seasons at $16 million each. He has limited no-trade rights through this coming May, at which point he will gain the right to refuse a trade to any team. The Rangers could look to deal him for another expensive salary, or they could look to clear room to, say, add Adrian Beltre, or increase their offer to Cliff Lee.

Stay tuned as this story does or doesn't develop. Nothing's imminent now, but things can happen quickly at the Winter Meetings.

Young batted .284 a year ago, and has a lifetime average of .300, with moderate power. He is not known as a very good defender at third base.

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