NLCS Game 4, Dodgers vs. Cardinals GIF Recap

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Delivering Game Four of the NLCS in GIF format.

The NLCS has been defined by prime pitching performances and struggling offenses. The Cardinals lineup had been particularly sluggish going into Game 4 at Dodger Stadium, though Matt Holliday attempted to compensate for the lack of fireworks by launching a titanic homer in the third inning off Ricky Nolasco.


Following Monday night's Game 3, Carlos Beltran and the Cardinals were critical of Yasiel Puig's celebration antics. So, taking the role of Unwritten Rules Police Chief in Game 4, Red Birds starter Lance Lynn served Puig a bit of chin music in the fourth inning.


Puig, however, was the one celebrating in the end; he followed up the near-beaning by slamming an RBI single, cutting the Cardinals' lead to 3-1.

Seth Maness, who entered the game in relief of Lynn, squared off against Juan Uribe with a runner on in the sixth inning. He probably now holds the distinction of having a double play turned quicker than the pitch he threw, courtesy of shortstop Pete Kozma's fancy footwork at shortstop Pete Kozma.


With the pitcher's spot due up in the top of the seventh inning, Matheny summoned Shane Robinson for pinch-hitting duties against reliever J.P. Howell. Robinson, who has 17 extra-base hits in 221 career games, did the only thing you can expect a guy with a .327 career slugging percentage to do:


The homer extended the Cardinals' lead to 4-2.

Nick Punto lifted the Dodgers' hopes at a comeback... for a nanosecond. He was erased from second base just as quickly as he arrived there.


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