MLB Network sets record for USA-Dominican Republic

Mike Ehrmann

The World Baseball Classic continues to increase in audience size.

The World Baseball Classic peaked on MLB Network, justifiably, as the tournament had its most entertaining game on Thursday night.

Team USA's ninth-inning loss to the Dominican Republic drew 883,000 viewers to MLB Net, the most-watched game of the tournament. It was up 16 percent from Sunday's USA-Canada game, which had previously set the high watermark for the channel. Save for MLB Network's two postseason games last fall, USA-DR was the most-watched broadcast ever on the network.

MLB Network's five broadcasts of Team USA during the WBC have averaged approximately 722,000 viewers, and the five games played by the United States have been the five most-watched games of the tournament. The most-watched game to not feature Team USA was the first-round matchup between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico on Sunday night. MLB Net may get two more cracks at Team USA in the next 24 hours, as they take on Puerto Rico tonight and, with a win, a rematch with the Dominicans tomorrow afternoon.

Viewership from Team USA WBC broadcasts on MLB Network

1. Dominican Republic vs. USA (3/14/13): 883,000 viewers

2. USA vs. Canada (3/10/13): 760,000 viewers

3. Puerto Rico vs. USA (3/12/13): 721,000 viewers

4. Mexico vs. USA (3/8/13): 673,000 viewers

5. USA vs. Italy (3/9/13): 576,000 viewers

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