Chris Davis is stronger than you


And stronger than me, too. (That's implied.)

Chris Davis is most likely an elite hitter now, the 2013 version of the Jose Bautista transformation we saw a few years back. You can read a whole bunch of words I wrote on the matter recently, or -- and this one is a time saver -- you can watch him show off how stupid strong he is with this swing that results in a ball going much further than it looks like it will:


It's down the middle, but it's a bit low, and Davis still managers to crush it to deep center field at Camden Yards despite the fact that, coming off of his bat, it looks like it's just going to be a routine fly ball.

Oh, now that I have you, you should still totally ready about why Chris Davis is probably an elite hitter now, one who is here to stay to torment pitchers across the land with feats of strength like the above. Come on, it's that or you do work or something, and who wants that?

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