Around the Bases: Thursday's scores and highlights


All the scores and highlights from Thursday's action.

Cardinals 2, Mets 1: Adam Wainwright and Matt Harvey did Adam Wainwright and Matt Harvey things in this one, and the Cardinals just happened to get a little bit luckier against Harvey than the Mets could against Wainwright. And a Mets fan did this:


Cubs 6, Reds 5 (F/14): The Cubs won this one on a walkoff in the 14th inning, and yet it was only the second-longest game of the day. The Jeff Samardzija-Mat Latos matchup disappointed, as neither was particularly sharp.

Nationals 5, Rockies 4: The Rockies managed to lose perhaps their three best players in this one and the Nationals won a close one. Ryan Zimmerman hit a two-run home run.

Athletics 3, Yankees 2 (F/18): This one was recapped much more in-depth here, but basically the pitching was really good and Nate Freiman hit a walk-off single in the 18th inning.

Orioles 5, Red Sox 4 (F/13): This one was 13 innings, but no one has time to go crazy over the third-longest game of the day. Kevin Gausman actually pitched well in this one, allowing two earned runs over 5⅓ innings, yet he was sent down after the game (because logic).

Giants 10, Pirates 0: Wow, well I just don't even. Poor Pirates. Andrew McCutchen hit a double, so that wasn't terrible.

Royals 10, Rays 1: Hey Rays, at least you're not the Pirates! This was a strange game, as Jeremy Hellickson was very effective until the sixth inning, which quickly exploded into an eight-run Royals effort. That's a lot of runs for the Royals. Eric Hosmer hit his second home run of the season.

Blue Jays 3, Rangers 1: Yu Darvish struck out nine batters in seven innings, but the Blue Jays were able to scrape together three runs and win this one.

Phillies 3, Twins 2: Cliff Lee allowed two runs over seven innings, no big deal. Ben Revere went 4-6 in this one with a triple.

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