Alex Rodriguez is on Twitter and verified


See, not every A-Rod story is about injuries or Biogenesis.

Alex Rodriguez is the subject of much love or derision, largely depending on how much sports talk radio the fan in question listens to. That makes the idea of something like being on Twitter kind of alarming -- someone with the following, for good or bad, that Rodriguez commands, opening himself up to the public who can love or hate him fully and completely depending on the outcome of his most recent at-bat, could result in some cringe-worthy social media moments.

We won't have to hypothesize about potential Twitter disasters for much longer, as Rodriguez is on Twitter, officially, and even has the fancy blue verification check mark that tells us it's indeed him. His handle is @AROD, which brings up the question of how no one had already claimed something so obvious for their own use, or, at the least, simply to withhold it from Rodriguez should he ever want it.

I'm kind of proud of you for not doing that, internet, and proud of Rodriguez for not actually using the kind of bulky handles that fakes have come up with in the past.

He's not following anyone yet (start taking bets on which national sportswriter he will follow first in the comments, please, and if that'll happen before he follows a teammate), and has tweeted all of eight times. It also appears as if he mostly has it to tweet out his (admittedly adorable) Instagram pictures. If you check out that link soon enough, you can see some of the A-Rod haters in action in the picture comments!

Seriously, though, I'm not looking forward to viewing his mentions if he happens to strike out or pop out or muff a grounder in an important situation in October.

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