Pedro Martinez gives away free ice cream

Red Sox great and future Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez hands out Good Humor ice cream bars in Boston. - Marc Normandin

Like, with his own hands, to people in need of ice cream and Pedro.

Pedro Martinez is a baseball legend, and possibly the greatest pitcher ever. He's a future Hall of Famer once he's eligible, and was so good in his Red Sox heyday that even rival Yankees fans would sometimes cheer him and his awesomeness.

He's also an ice cream man.

Pedro, along with Good Humor, spent a couple of hours in Boston today, handing out free ice cream bars to those willing to wait for them and the chance to have a photo taken. They couldn't have picked a better day, as it was a cloudless, 90-degree day in Boston -- the pre-Pedro ice cream constantly handed out by the Good Bar representatives was a welcome sight for the over 1,000 people waiting for a moment with Pedro.


It was part of Good Humor's summer initiative to "Share the love," and what better representative for Boston but Pedro Martinez? The plan was to kick off the campaign in this specific Copley stop with Pedro playing ice cream man, but then to also drive around to random locations throughout the day and surprise those who checked in with free Good Humor bars. Pedro spoke as to why he was involved after the event was initially announced:

"Boston is my home, and also all-time favorite city," says Martinez. "I'm honored to have played for residents with the biggest hearts in the country, and I'm looking forward to helping Good Humor® bring some of America's most beloved frozen treats - and of course summer fun - to the city of Boston."

The plan was sound, but you knew there would be some chaos amid the lengthy lines. When time was running out on the ice cream party, the line basically collapsed on itself so that everyone could get a closer look at Pedro, as well as a photo, an autograph, ice cream, or all three. It got to the point where some waiting in line passed the Good Humor coupons they were just handed by representatives up to Pedro so he could sign them.

The inability to get the line back in the form it was supposed to be in meant, regrettably, that I had to call an audible and forego my plan of playing both SB Nation employee as well as enormous Pedro fan boy -- I know, I know, this seems like it goes against the idea of SB Nation itself, where fandom and professionalism are intertwined, but it was the only way. I asked the Good Humor reps for a place to (professionally) get up close so I could (professionally) get pictures of Pedro handing out ice cream, which he was all smiles doing for just over two hours:


This was right before Pedro was whisked away by security so he could create some distance between himself and the large group of people who wanted nothing more than to keep him there all day, but he never stopped signing autographs or taking pictures despite this, even when everyone around him was trying to get him to keep moving away.

Good Humor will be in New York for a similar event on Thursday, with John Franco playing the role of ice cream man, but nothing tops the image of Pedro gleefully handing out ice cream.

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