MLB All-Star Game 2013 voting: NL Third Base


Will the hometown player get the start, or will Sandoval rise up once more?

The 2013 All-Star game will take place on July 16 in David Wright's home park, Citi Field. As things stand as of the latest update, he'll be manning the hot corner as the leading vote recipient, but he's got a Panda right on his tracks that could kill that dream before it comes to pass. Again.

David Wright, 2,917,819

The hometown player in his hometown ballpark: It's all just too perfect. David Wright is the face of the Mets, and their home city is getting an All-Star Game for the first time since 1964, when the franchise was two years old and playing in Shea Stadium. He just has to start the game, right? The voters think so, as he's in the lead, albeit a slight one. In addition to feelgood reasons for Wright starting, he's batting .309 with 12 home runs and a 923 OPS for a team that has struggled for most of the season. Having Matt Harvey, another bright spot on the Mets, pitch while Wright is at third would add to the effect, but one thing at a time.

Pablo Sandoval, 2,788,988

After robbing Wright of a spot in last year's starting line-up, Sandoval is fairly close to doing so once more. He recently returned from the disabled list after missing a significant chunk of June, so he's only played in 60 games to this point, and hasn't been nearly as impressive as in year's past in those contests: Sandoval has hit just .283/.319/.414, which is certainly solid considering the pitcher-friendly home park he's in, but not close to what Wright has managed to produce. It hasn't hurt him on the ballot, though, and as the last few successful seasons have reminded us, there are a whole lot of Giants fans to vote him in.

David Freese, 1,728,322

In most years, this positioning would not be crazy for the Cardinals third baseman. After struggling early in the season, however, Freese is only here based on popularity and past performance. Like Sandoval, he hasn't been bad -- Freese is hitting .276/.350/.400, for an OPS+ of 109 -- but he's only played in 59 games thanks to missing time with a back strain and a thumb laceration, and hasn't wowed in the same way as David Wright.

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