Garrett Jones' river homer nearly hits cyclist


It's only the second ball to ever splash down at PNC park, but only because it missed a passing cyclist.

Travis Snider hit a homer earlier this year that landed in Pittsburgh's Allegheny river, but it did so thanks to a high bounce that gave it some extra distance. Just one ball ever in the decade-plus PNC Park has been around has splashed down in the Allegheny without touching land first. Until Sunday, anyway, when the Pirates' Garrett Jones hit a monster blast directly into the river to tie the game 4-4 with the Reds:


According to Pittsburgh's' broadcast, Jones is the first ever Pirate to hit a ball into the hey hold on a second that ball almost hit a passing cyclist on the way down:


I wonder if they even noticed it passing in front of them, or if they're oblivious to the fact that they were nearly the one spilling into the river. Follow-up: is that one cyclist, or two on a tandem bike? I can't unsee the latter now that I've considered the possibility.

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