Biogenesis scandal: Anthony Bosch tried to cut a deal with Alex Rodriguez


The latest PED scandal to rock Major League Baseball just got a little bit weirder.

Before Biogenesis head Anthony Bosch made his agreement with the league to testify against the players he allegedly provided with performance-enhancing drugs, the embattled clinic owner tried to get money "in the hundreds of thousands" from Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, report Terri Thompson, Bill Madden, Christian Reed and Michael O'Keefe of the New York Daily News.

Bosch's plea for help to A-Rod -- or possible extortion attempt, depending on how you want to look at it -- came after the league filed its lawsuit against him claiming that he was guilty of tortious interference for aiding players in breaching their contract (i.e. the Joint Drug Agreement) with Major League Baseball.

A-Rod rebuffed Bosch's requests, forcing the self-proclaimed biochemist to make an agreement with the league or face mountains of legal fees in addition to possible jail time. Now that Bosch has a deal with MLB, the league will not only drop its lawsuit against him, but also pay his legal fees and "interfere" with any law-enforcement agencies that might try to bring criminal prosecution against Bosch. (Just how a private institution like MLB can feasibly promise something like that remains to be seen.)

Bosch is expected to provide the league with enough "damaging information" to suspend Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and about two dozen others for their involvement with Biogenesis. When Bosch does testify for the league, the players and the Players Association will be sure to challenge any allegations he makes, as ethical issues abound in Bosch's "testify-or-be-sued-into-oblivion" deal with the league.

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