Matt Garza trade rumors: Cubs call for final trade offers on RHP

Brian Kersey

Garza might not throw another pitch in a Cubs' uniform if Chicago has anything to say about it.

The Cubs have been shopping Matt Garza on the trade market for weeks now, and that process might finally be at its end according to ESPN's Buster Olney. The Cubs have called for interested clubs to submit their "last and best offers" for the Cubs' right-hander, signaling their intentions to move him before his next scheduled start.

The Rangers have been the favorites to land Garza, as they have the prospects and the question marks in their rotation to drive them to a mid-July swap. The Cubs reportedly wanted Martin Perez, who is currently in the Rangers' rotation, but Texas has refused to move him, and with good reason: the 22-year-old, five-time top-100 prospect according to Baseball America has work left to do, but seems to be coming into his own in the majors despite this. The Rangers have other pitchers they could move in a deal, though, as Olney notes: C.J. Edwards, Luke Jackson, and others could entice the Cubs in lieu of their original reported prize. There's also top prospect Mike Olt, who is blocked at third base by Adrian Beltre now and in the future, and would be far preferable to part with than someone like Jurickson Profar from the position prospect side. At least from Texas' point of view, anyway.

It's not just the Rangers involved, though, as the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Pirates, Indians, Dodgers, Diamondbacks, and Cardinals have all been linked to the Cubs and Garza at different times. In short, any of these teams could theoretically acquire Garza, but they have to agree to deal the prospects the Cubs have been asking for. This represents their likely final opportunity to do so, and the first team to blink -- and blink loudest -- might find themselves in possession of a shiny new above-average righty.

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