Biogenesis: Alex Rodriguez looking to make deal with MLB


The veteran slugger is reportedly trying to make a deal with the league similar to Ryan Braun's. Unlike Braun, however, A-Rod's suspension is not expected to be imminent.

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is "trying to make a deal" with Major League Baseball regarding the punishment for his involvement in the Biogenesis PED scandal, sources have told Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York.

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In the wake of the 65-game suspension handed to Ryan Braun on Monday, it appeared as though A-Rod's suspension could come any day, but the Yankees (and Matthews' source) do not expect the punishment to be doled out right away. The evidence against A-Rod is said to go "far beyond" what the league had on Braun, which could indicate that it will take much longer for the two sides to negotiate a suspension that both parties feel is fair.

The league is reportedly looking to punish A-Rod not only for his PED transgressions, but also for allegedly interfering with its investigation into Biogenesis. In the end, MLB could hand A-Rod as long a suspension as it wants because it's not bound by the Joint Drug Agreement's regular three-strike punishment system in this case, but without his concession they run the risk of a drawn-out appeals process.

MLB Players Association director Michael Weiner said last week that their guidance for players like A-Rod -- i.e. those who have overwhelming evidence against them -- would be not to appeal their punishments, but that doesn't necessarily mean he won't.

Rodriguez, 37, is currently on the disabled list with a strained quad. The veteran was supposed to come off the DL on Monday following his 20-day rehab assignment, but an MRI taken over the weekend revealed the muscle pull. After five days from the recurrence, he can begin a new 20-day rehab assignment.

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