Alex Rodriguez on trusting Yankees: 'I'd rather not get into that'


A-Rod continues to insist he's ready to play, while the Yankees continue to insist he isn't. He won't say he doesn't trust them, but, well, basically, he doesn't trust them.

The Alex Rodriguez drama continues, as the third baseman wouldn't say whether he trusted his team's opinion in an interview with New York sports radio station WFAN.

The situation seems to be this: Rodriguez wants to play, has said he wants to play, has gotten doctors to say he's ready to play, and most recently said he should be in the lineup for the team Friday night. Meanwhile, the Yankees seem to have a vested interest in him not playing. They want him to continue rehabbing until Aug. 1, are planning on fining him for finding a doctor they didn't approve, and, of course, general manager Brian Cashman said a not-very-nice thing to Rodriguez earlier in the year when the third baseman said he was good to go.

When asked, Rodriguez sounded very disappointed with the team:

Rodriguez chatted with WFAN host Mike Francesa on Thursday evening, and when he was asked if he trusts the Yankees, he paused before saying, "I'd rather not get into that."

"I told (Brian) Cashman and Randy (Levine) that I'm ready to play, that I want to play tomorrow," A-Rod told Francesa. "I made it very clear ... Obviously I'm very, very disappointed because I thought tomorrow night would be the perfect night to come back and get in the lineup."

Saying "I'd rather not get into that" isn't a very tough statement to read through: No, Alex Rodriguez does not trust the Yankees right now.

With Rodriguez and Kevin Youkilis hurt, the team has played such luminaries as David Adams (batting average: .190), Luis Cruz (batting average: .182), Alberto Gonzalez (batting average: .176) and now, Brent Lillibridge (batting average: .176) at third base. Rodriguez only hit .250 in his minor league rehab assignment, but anything would be an improvement, and he seems to earnestly want to play, although the specter of the steroids issue and the Yankees' desire not to pay his contract keep them from wanting him in the lineup.

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