The White Sox season is not going so well

Brian Kersey

They hit a low they haven't touched in decades with Thursday's loss.

The White Sox dropped their series finale with the Indians earlier on Thursday afternoon, just one day after suffering a walk-off loss to Cleveland that in itself followed their failure to deal veterans like Alex Rios and Alexei Ramirez prior to the trade deadline. Jake Peavy trade aside, it hasn't been a great week for the Pale Hose, but it's been an even worse season:

Of course, it's only August 1 -- those White Sox finished 70-90 since they didn't reach this low until the season nearly ended, while this year's team is on pace to lose over 100 games.

So, we know 1980 was 33 years ago, that part is pretty easy. Let's context it up, though, just to drive home how long ago it was that the White Sox were this bad.

Adam Dunn doesn't turn 34 years old until November -- Adam Dunn, who is considered overpaid and on the downside of his career, wasn't even a year old when last the White Sox were 26 games under .500. Peavy, who was just dealt, wasn't even born yet, and only Paul Konerko joins Dunn among lineup regulars who already existed on this Earth at that point in time.

There were only 26 MLB teams back in 1980, and the Expos were one of them. The White Sox still had not broken their World Series drought -- and wouldn't until another 25 years had passed. Tony La Russa was the manager of the 1980 squad, and finished the season with 70 wins, giving him 97 total for his career: La Russa would finish with 2,728 victories after 33 years at the helm of the Sox, Athletics, and Cardinals.

Oh, and Bud Selig -- who will retire from his role as MLB's commissioner a couple years after mic-dropping the ban hammer all over the various Biogenesis clients -- was still the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers, who had been the Seattle Pilots just 12 seasons prior.

A lot has changed in 33 years, but White Sox fans are probably wishing they'd change a little more.

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