Little League curveball sends batter spiraling backwards out of control

MLB Fan Cave

He recovers, but not before giving us something to laugh about.

The Little League World Series is happening, and while I want to be annoyed that there is full video and scouting reports of a bunch of kids playing what is literally a kids' game, I have to pause that aggravation to appreciate this GIF, in which a curve ball breaks so hard that this poor dude nearly topples over:


(GIF courtesy MLB Fan Cave)

This ump had it right, no matter how filthy the break on the pitch: it was totally a ball. (Maybe check in on this guy, MLB, replace, I don't know, Angel Hernandez, to pull a name out of a hat.) But the way the batter reacts to it is fantastic -- he tilts backwards, loses his balance multiple times, and gives us a legitimate excuse to post this GIF in a baseball story:


We can all point and laugh at him for this, but hey, he didn't completely fall down, much like Mr. Horse on Ice, and his arm isn't going to fall off before high school because he's not the one throwing benders on a national stage as a 12-year-old. Bonus!

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